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  1. An early copy of Rithmatist would be so awesome!
  2. I swear, I read through that whole Q&A last week, and completely missed that tidbit. Also, two races of Aimians? Every piece of information just leads to more questions. Now I'm wondering what the differences are, and whether people outside of Aimia can tell them apart. I guess we'll find out ... eventually.
  3. Rosa85: Here's the list of videos of Brandon writing the interlude: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3g-w83Cb5pEAu5UmRrge-A/videos FlashWrogan: I agree, I didn't think that meant that Axies was a voidbringer, it was probably just something said about Aimians. I'm more interested in why they aren't even considered human. If the strange abilities listed were accurate, I could see why people would associate them with voidbringers and bad luck. But all we know for sure are that their shadows are cast in the wrong direction and that they can write on their skin. If they can take off their limbs, why would the Reshi even hang him like that in the first place? Do they have different superstitions about what the Aimians can do? How much of what is said is fact? We probably won't find out until there are more Axies viewpoints. I guess its weird to me because I assumed that each of the Heralds represented one of the Silver Kingdoms, and that the herald form Aimia was Aimian. So it would be strange if Aimians were so exotic they weren't considered human.
  4. Was I the only one who did a spit-take when Axies was described as having a "voidbringer" shadow? And that he can take off his limbs? I guess those things might not necessarily be true, and just what people say about the Aimians, but I think there must be some truth to them. So many theories. I'll have to think about this some more.
  5. Someone tweeted Brandon asking if this was legit. He responded: I don't know if he was just looking at the release date or if he read the whole synopsis. I agree that the part about Kaladin being leader of the Restored Knights Radiant seems odd, since he only discovered his powers a few months before the second book and doesn't know much more than stories about them. He doesn't even know anyone else who has powers, so how could he be their leader? It's possible for future books, but I was surprised when I read that as a synopsis for Words of Radiance. I wish he at least stated what his source is. Is it speculation? Did he get a synopsis from Tor/Brandon? Read a part of the draft? We don't really know.
  6. Thanks for digging up those quotes Cheese Ninja. I think I'll go read that whole Q&A now.
  7. Ah, ok, I just interpreted that as Brandon mentioning something about the epilogue. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. Sorry, I meant Brandon's comment about the epilogue of Book 2, not Peter's comment about the typo in the orders.
  9. What comment? Was it recent, or something he said a while ago?
  10. I don't really get whole "Jasnah is in order #2" theory. My problem with it is that Jasnah is shown to have two powers, Soulcasting and that lightning thing in the alley. Kaladin's two powers are Gravity (basic and reverse lashing) and Atmospheric Pressure (full lashing). If adjacent orders share one power, then Jasnah and Kaladin can't be in adjacent orders because they don't share a power. I don't see how the lightning could be a part of Soulcasting, since it was done at a distance and didn't involve transformation. And unless there are more powers in order #1 that we haven't seen yet, I don't know how those two could ever be adjacent. While we don't know for sure what orders Jasnah and Shallan are in, we know they have to be next to each other because they share the Soulcasting power. And looking at combinations that are next to each other, Shalash and Palah is the best fit. While "Giving" might not seem like a primary Jasnah trait, Shallan was never very honest, she just needed to be honest to those spren to access her powers. I think it could be the same way with Jasnah, it's something she needs to do for a stronger connection to her powers. I could even interpret her killing those men in the alleyway as giving something more to Taravangian for being a gracious host. When Shalash's order fits almost perfectly for Shallan, and Palah's fits very well for Jasnah, it's hard for me to come to any other conclusion. Brandon might pull a twist and show that they actually belonged in other less obvious orders, but that would mean that he planted a bunch of red herrings along the way to mislead us. And while I can see him doing that for a major plot point, for something like this (which we're hopefully going to find the answer to in Words of Radiance) I'd find it odd.
  11. It's been 12 hours and there's no wild speculation yet? Then I guess I'll have to fix that. Since his first cover was on the Shattered Plains during a highstorm, I think we can rule out Whelan doing another take on that. But the book will primarily be set in the Shattered Plains, so it seems unlikely that he'll be doing a painting of an area far from the main characters. Sure his rendition of the moving Reshi isles that Rysn will visit would be epic, but then the cover would be a bit misleading in terms of the main setting. It could be an overview of the warcamps with the king's temporary palace overlooking them, though something like was already done in the interior art in an old fashioned map style. His take on a chasm fiend would also be cool to see. If Taln gets a bigger part in the story, a view of Kholinar is possible. Also, who knows what Dalinar will see in his visions in the next book. Pretty much any of those scenes in The Way of Kings would have made killer cover art. The only other thing that we know will be in Words of Radiance is the parshendi camp from Brandon's early reading of Eshonai's POV. Alien/non-human architecture, when done right, has always been fascinating for me. Whelan has a good eye for this, and it would also be nice to see parshendi warriors up close. Any more speculation? Anything from the books you'd like Whelan to paint?
  12. Michael Whelan has just been announced to do the cover art to Words of Radiance. I'm so excited for this. The first cover was so good I actually bought the print of it; it's hanging above my computer. Unfortunately there's no preview yet, but if it's Whelan, then it's sure to be amazing!
  13. Sorry about that, I'll be sure to link in the future. Thanks for the welcome!
  14. On twitter, Brandon just stated that book 4 will probably be Eshonai's. I vaguely remember an earlier interview where he said it could be Navani's, so it seems like he has changed his mind. Still, interesting to know.
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