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    Greetings, my name is Breeze. If you have found your way here, you have probably heard of me. You see, the problem is, any time someone recognizes me, they ask me one question or another, and that leads to me to explaining the same things to many different people. That is far too much effort, so I have created this space for all of your mistborn queries. Just ask me a question, and we will see If I get around to answering it.
  2. I loved your response, but I have just a few details that I think disprove your arguments: 1. You said that "Nightblood cannot kill a god. He's too small for that and already too full. He can't kill a Shard. Odium was almost untouched by Nightblood." While this is understandable, I think the most important part is the "almost". "Odium was almost untouched by Nightblood". Sure Nightblood barely scratched Odium, but this still has huge implications. NIghtblood was able to damage a Shard. He subtracted from infinity! This means that, even if it took 1000 years of just straight stabbing a shard, Nightblood could completely destroy one! It is stated somewhere in Stormlight that Shards pay no heed or worry about the passage of time, as they are infinite beings. This means that to them, there would be little apparent difference between a weapon that could kill a shard over 1000 years, and one that could kill a Shard instantly. 2.You said that if Nightblood was a Dawnshard he would be able to destroy the whole planet or even a Shard. We have seen in the past the enormous power that dawnshards have, and compared to that Nightblood is extremely weak, but I think this is explained by this quote from the Dawnshard novella: The most powerful forms of Surgebinding transcend traditional mortal understanding. All their greatest applications require Intent and a Command. Demands on a level no person could ever manage alone. To make such Commands, one must have the reasoning—the breadth of understanding—of a deity ” —Nikliasorm This quote says that all the Dawnshards greatest and most powerful applications can only be accessed by someone who is basically a deity. As Nightblood is just wielded by mortals in all the books he appears, this explains why his power is so weak, compared to that of a Dawnshard in the past. He is powerful, but to access the true, world destroying type power, one needs a wider understanding than any of Nightbloods wielders have had yet.
  3. (lots of spoilers) Ok, I don't have any concrete proof, but the reason for my argument is that I refuse to believe that something that only requires 1000 breaths, and is relatively easy to create (with a wide perspective) could ascend to the spiritual realm and kill a god. There has to be another answer. if this could be done so easily, the 16 would have reacted somehow, instead of refusing to acknowledge the swords existence. So I thought about it, and came up with a possible theory; Nightblood is a dawnshard, specifically the dawnshard of destruction (I have another theory about what all 4 dawnshards are, but that is for another time.) You may say, "Oh but Shashara and Vasher made it with just breaths, and Vasher would not have killed shashara if it was a dawnshard, because he knew it could not be re-created." While that is all true, it can be thwarted with a simple fact. Vasher and Shashara did not know it was a dawnshard. "Oh but how would they have accidentally got ahold of one of the most powerful forces in the cosmere?" Think about it. The Shard that abides on Nalthis is the Shard of Endowment, whose intent is believed to be bestowing gifts and talents upon people. My theory is this: Endowments saw Shashara desperately trying to make a breakthrough about investing steel, likely in emotional distress because of how envious she is of Yesteel, after he invents ichor alcohol. She hits a roadblock unable to do anything, so Endowment, true to her Intent, decided to bestow her a gift, a dawnshard, which maybe she has held since the shattering, or maybe she found it later. Endowment places the shard in the sword. Shashara does not know this happened, and just believes she got this effect through investing the sword with 1000 measly breaths. Possible right? I believe it is the most possible reasoning. But it does make things kind of sad, because it means that vasher killed Shashara for nothing, as re-creating the sword would have been impossible. Anyway, that's my theory! I'm excited to hear what yall think!
  4. Submit your best Stormlight memes here! I’ll start.
  5. If you don’t know, a katek is a type of poem that is the same backwards and forwards. (With changed verb forms) I asked Ai to write one about kaladin, and it gave me these two: Storms within, a broken soul fights Fights soul, broken, within storms Radiant hope shines through darkest nights Nights darkest through shines hope radiant
  6. Ok, this is kind of a crazy theory of mine, without much evidence currently, but here we go. We all know that both aluminum and silver have strange effects. Aluminum is able to negate any form of investiture, and silver is able to do something similar. I believe that silvers actual abilities tie more to the crossing between the three realms. (On threnody where the cognitive shades are held back by silver, in tress where the spores are unable to draw power from the spiritual realm when near silver, etc.) So while aluminum blocks investature, silver functions as a barrier between realms. Aluminum has one other ability though, It can be burned by mistborns/mistings. And now we get the the point. Every shard has a god metal, so I wonder if adonalsium THEMSELVES had a god metal. We know that the metals can still be around after a vessels death, we see this in TLM when both ruin and preservations metals are once again created. So, I believe that silver is adonalsium's god metal. This is a lot of guesses and extrapolation, but think about it. If adonalsium truly is, like, GOD, then it makes sense that they would have created the three realms, and as the sole deity, they would have been spread over the entire cosmere, maybe spreading and diluting their god metal. Its abilities are not tied to all the other metals, including aluminum, as it cannot be burned and has no attachment to any other from of investature, only the fabric of the realms themselves. Now back to Aluminum. It is suggested throughout many books that Hoid was with the 16 when Adonalsium was killed, to the point where this is just a fact. If Hoid helped to kill Adonalsium, then gave up his share of the power, like I believe, then there is another god metal. I think hoid dispersed the actual "17th shard" over the cosmere, and the 17th god metal was similairly dispersed, which is ALUMINUM. sorry if i was rambling, I am excited to see your guys' ideas
  7. Breeze

    Just ask Breeze

    My dear man, you have fallen for one of the most common misunderstandings about soothing. Unlike the other, brutish allomantic abilities, soothing is NOT about power. A great Soother, like myself, knows to use subtlety to truly affect others emotions. The sad thing about hemalurgic spikes for emotional allomancy is that they don't make you any better! they make you more powerful, yes, but pushing with all you have is not the way to truly soothe somone.
  8. So, in The Lost Metal, Moonlight uses her soul stamp to transform herself into an Elantrian. I am confused because; isn't AonDor constrained to the area around Elantris itself? How is she able to use it on a completely different planet?
  9. Well, I understand what you are saying, but think about it this way: At first, Dalinar took the Urithiru. Then he became King, and during this all he became the first Bondsmith in hundreds of years. The prediction is like an account of all of his exploits. The Tower=Urithiru, The crown=The kingship, The fallen title= him becoming bondsmith, because bondsmith was the fallen title. Next he will have to take up the spear, finally attacking Odium (or rather his champion) directly, instead of defending himself constantly.
  10. Ashyn was destroyed by misuse of dawnshards, not really surgebinding at all. (Oath Bringer page 1052, Dawnshard page 270)
  11. I believe that the "tower" is referring to Urithiru, of course. The crown might not be a literal crown, but likely the mantle of kingship. Similarly, I believe the spear does not refer to an actual spear, but represents an attack or offensive position. In all, I believe this is speaking of Dalinar's upcoming battle against Odium's champion.
  12. I assure you my dear man, I never had that... particular gravitation towards Clubs, or anyone rather. I would also like to address the rumors about me secretly being a good person. I am telling you now that I certainly am not. All I wanted from my meetings with Clubs was an opportunity to try to get him to do what I wanted, without me using allomancy. He was already the hardest to manipulate in the crew, and I took it as a challenge of sorts. Again, my dear man, I assure you I am not a good person. I am exactly as greedy and selfish as i seem.
  13. Greetings, my name is Breeze. If you have found your way over here, you have probably heard of me. You see, the problem is, any time someone recognizes me, they ask me one question or another, and that leads to me having to explain the same things to many different people. That is far too much effort for me, so I have created this space for all of your mistborn queries. Just ask me a question, and we will see If I get around to answering it.
  14. My dear man, while all of your comments make sense, and I really don't want to take the time to argue with you, I leave you with one final point. Characters such as I, in books like these with, truly, descriptions lacking, I believe that the interpretation of the characters is mostly based on the minds of the readers, not that of the author. This is likely one of the reasons that Lord Sanderson does not often provide cannon depictions of characters. I personally would do the same, describing every character in every book seems like far too much work.
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