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  1. Endowment - you get a breath, you get a breath, you get a breath, everybody get's a breath Ambition - I'm gonna conquer the entire... aww sh*t i'm dead Preservation - humans before bros Ruin - Tragically betrayed by his business partner and then trapped by him inside the well Odium - Killed and replaced by a stupid but nice guy who used sword that is to dumb to undarstand what's it doing Honor - Put a mass murderer in prison but was killed in action Cultivation - Her lover was killed so she replaced his murderer with another one Autonomy - Uncontrolled mitosis Devotion - Most likely had Stockholm syndrome Dominion - Bully form the 90's Mercy - Probably participated in a murder Walor - So reasonable that we know nothing about it Whimsy - Go with the flow and don't give a fu*k Invention - Hopefully inventor of first sharddildo Virtuosity - Probably heard/saw a piece of art that was so bad she splintered herself Survival shard - Started playing hide and seek but then realizes that has no friends so stopped hiding Harmony - Has a little devil and angel on his shoulders, but decided not to listen to any of them and just sit in his room and asks his wax mom to do anything for him. Also don't want to use discord (probably prefer's skype)
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