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  1. @Lump-wing, o my, I would have read Secret history before Bands of Morning had it not been for your warning. So thanks
  2. Hey! A lot of SA fans get Bridge 4 tattoos, so that's something you could take into consideration. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of the bronze Allomantic symbol, perhaps on the underside of my wrist. I have my own reasons for wanting it
  3. Ahhh. Difficult for me to answer. I'm actually not a huge fan of the magic system in WoK, weirdly enough. I LOVE allomancy. The concept, the way they complement each other, and the fact that they're not overpowered like the surges, that's what I love about magic. There has to be a balance of inequity for me. Obviously I'd wanna be Mistborn, but I'm not particularly badass so that's ill-suited for me A Rioter's abilities appeal to me far more, and fit my personality, since I've always felt I was good at predicting behaviour in others. The prospect of riling people up, just for the fun of it, isalso way too entertaining. Hbu?
  4. I've never seen those in French, but I just searched them up. 'Le Livre Des Radieux' means 'The Book of the Radiants', which isn't a too bad version of the title. And the third book is 'Justiciere', which basically means 'justic-er' (if that were a word in English), or more or less 'bringer of justice'. It doesn't sound nearly as sick as Oathbringer. Edit: But I guess it can't be helped since there cannnot be a literal translation for it. The titles sound cheesy, tbh, very generic.
  5. L'Ame De L'Empereur. Pretty literal translation.
  6. Fils-Des-Brumes. Sounds ugly. It means children of the mist, and all those dashes make it an eyesore
  7. La Voie Des Rois, I think, is one. That's the only one I remember. I read the books in English
  8. Yeah, I was never taught about grammar rules in school (dk why). As far as I knew, writing had the same rules as speaking, which is to say there were none When I started reading for myself out of genuine interest for the first time (about a year ago) I began to notice patterns. A second verb in a second clause only followed if there was a conjunction stringing the clauses together. For some reason there were periods separating two discrete sentences. What were semicolons used for? Why didn't the author use commas more often, like I did. Why not write, "He was very sad, he jumped off the roof and made a bloody sh!t of himself on the ground, the giant robot noticed him and decided to breakdance the night away." I wasn't even aware there were rules involved in writing. I'm glad I learned so much
  9. Thanks for the welcome, @Wander89! Will do! I'll probably have it done a long time from now, though. I've heard of tattoo-regret so I want to wait this idea out and see what I think of it a couple months from now.
  10. I've just started reading The Alloy of Law! But I plan on getting to Elantris before reading Warbreaker. That's generally what is recommended, no? Either way, can't wait!
  11. Hi! I'm gonna be honest: I'm here because I don't know anyone else in real life who reads Sanderson - let alone reads fantasy, goddamit! I've read Mistborn, SA, The Emperor's Soul, and that's pretty much it, since my local library has a deplorable selection (those are all the books they have) It's thanks to Sanderson that I have learned to love reading, and it's thanks to him that I've learned so much more English. So, on a more personal note, thank you, Sanderson, for changing my life and helping me expand my diction; it has helped me with school more than you would believe. Who knew reading helped with essays, hah! I had always been one of those guys who said they "hated" reading, until I picked up fantasy. I'd never read a book out of my volition before then, lol, because I didn't grow up in a bookish environment. Anyways, I've been thinking about getting a Cosmere tattoo: the allomantic symbol for bronze. It's not my favourite of the allomantic metals, but I like the meaning it carries. Bronze is burned to detect other mistings, so, well, I'm hoping the tattoo helps me find other Sanderson fans familiar with the symbol. What do you guys think? -Vahlia
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