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  1. From the album: Stormlight Fanart

    There's that one scene in WoR where Shallan finds a place brimming with life, and she stops to draw. I just couldn't get that scene out of my head! LIFESPREN! Yes, I know I haven't drawn what could even closely be considered Rosharan flora...
  2. ParchmentMagic

    Stormlight Fanart

    All my Stormlight Archive fanart!
  3. Haha I had ot google who Ignatz was BUT- I do see the vague resemblance?!? Also, thank you
  4. ParchmentMagic

    Mistborn Fanart

    All my Mistborn fanart!
  5. ParchmentMagic


    From the album: Mistborn Fanart

    Fanart of Vin by me! (It's been a long time since I read Mistborn and I really need to read it again soon)
  6. Haha, Adolin is the cutest person on Roshar (after Syl)!
  7. ParchmentMagic


    Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it!
  8. ParchmentMagic

    Warbreaker Fanart

    Here's all my fanart for the Warbreaker series!
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