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  1. 59 minutes ago, Edgedancer_Leti said:

    Hey, Iri ambassador hear, we need a Pewter spiked chasmfeind. Trading a couple mistborn and a list of excellent comebacks writen by Hoid himself.

    Comebacks by hoid, you say? When you say Mistborn, do you mean servants or Lerasium spikes? Either way, take the Chasmfeind, it's your problem now.

  2. Condensation, YES! Please, take them off our hands! Discount rates! Definitely, no metallurgic spikes that turned them into steel inquisi-avier!

    Chasmgoat, are you sure you want it? 
    Have you heard of Australia? It didn't cause that, but it did cause Eta Carinae. And Ashyn.

    If you do want it, proceed to checkout on Isle 8.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Bearer of all agonies said:

    Well I have two of those. . . How about Scadrial. 

    Done, and done. Here's the blade of Jezereh'Elin

    Just now, I Used To Be A Fish said:

    How can I subscribe to the service?

    *looks around*

    Well... you have to... shshsssshshshhsh with a shshshshshshhhhh at shhshhhssh.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Bearer of all agonies said:

    Yay! How much?


    The whole planet.

    Barring that I'll accept Threnody and First of Sun. I don't have enough change for Yolen, Roshar, or Sel, so I'll take them, but I can't give you change.

  5. So, reading the sample chapters from The Rythm of War has given insight into the longterm question of whether or not Elsecallers can teleport. From what we've seen the new fused do, it seems that Elsecallers should be able to teleport. Previously seen fused teleportation seems to show that short-ranged teleportation is a thing, but you can't take anything with you that's not directly part of you (I assume that this means something part of your spirit web). Now, here's the big question. As far as we know, Elsecaller Jasnah Kholin should be able to teleport. Unless she's sworn the 4th ideal (which, granted, could have happened) she probably can't summon shard plate to use as clothing. The fused we've seen teleport seems to get around the issue of not being able to take clothing with you by wearing its own hair as clothing.

    Will Jasnah Kholin, queen of Alethkar, begin wearing a Havah made from her own hair? Discuss.

  6. Truthwatcher frowned. "I foresee us not making is past Amia in that thing. Everyone turned to Truthwatcher. 

    "FORSEEING THE FUTURE IS OF ODIUM!!!" Stoneward yelled. He threw his "do last vacation again" sign at Truthwatcher.

    "Actually, I was just thinking that as a Truthwatcher you shouldn't be able to do that." said Elsecaller.

    "I can still make predictions based on facts" said truthwatcher.

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