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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Steven Proudfoot and I'm currently running a social psychology research survey project on the topic of fan personality quizzes. So I have a survey that's roughly 20 minutes long that asks about a few things surrounding how and why people take fan personality quizzes (i.e. “which harry potter house are you?” or “which disney princess are you?” or similar quizzes) and I'm trying to recruit people to take it at the moment. As every fandom has it's own culture and those frequently tend to vary by website, I'm trying to recruit in a way that will create a sample that represents a wide variety of fandoms, fan sites, and fan types rather than just fans from twitter, facebook, tumblr, and the few subreddits that are open to recruitment. I think that fantasy/novel fandoms like this are important to have representation in any fandom study's sample. I was hoping you all could help me out in that way by taking my survey. I've attached my letter of solicitation that I have to use to recruit. If anyone is worried about the legality of my survey, please message me and I will be happy to send my IRB (institutional review board) approval for this. Also, I'd like to note that I asked for permission to post this, so please don't interpret this as spam. Please consider taking this if you've taken a fan personality quiz before. -------------------- Hi, I’m hoping you all can help us out with a psychology study we are conducting. We are doing an anonymous survey (20 min or less) about taking fan personality quizzes (e.g., personality test to see which character or group one is similar to). Participants over the age of 18 are eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card (chances of winning are 1 in 100, draw entries will be confidential and not associated with survey responses). You can take the survey online at: https://tamuc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8BcZaErrapdtXcp The survey will be open until October 14, 2018. Thank you! Steven Proudfoot, Undergraduate Student, Wayne State University, [email protected] Dr. Stephen Reysen, Department of Psychology & Special Education, Texas A&M University-Commerce, [email protected]
  2. I'll try to find that book, thanks! I agree, I was a bit shocked that I couldn't find anything on it either! Well, there are two articles but they are specifically about the accuracy and application of the harry potter sorting hat quiz. However, just looking at if it could be used as many workplaces use the non-fan personality tests like the Myers Briggs is kinda missing the whole point of how people use fan personality quizzes in my opinion. I couldn't find any articles about fan personality quizzes in general though. I would definitely say things are improving in Detroit. I don't want to go too deep into that though because then you have to talk about whether or not it's gentrification and that conversation can messy. I would recommend the Black Prism, which is the first book of his Lightbringer series. The Night Angel trilogy is shorter and also really good, but Lightbringer is his most recent work and it's easy to tell he keeps getting better with each book. Not that he wasn't good in his first books, but I think it's good to start with him at his strongest. Plus I just like the world of the lightbringer series better.
  3. Personally, I imagine him as an edgedancer. However, my reasoning isn't logical or based in actual personality traits like you all have argued. I realize this isn't a good reason, but I just want to see him revive maya and be an edgedancer because that would mean he would have to be trained by the only other edgedancer, Lift. I just feel like seeing Lift train Adolin would be a fantastic dynamic. Beyond that little headcannon though: Personality-wise, I can see him as both an edgedancer or stoneward or willshaper for basically the same reasons you all have already listed. I low key kinda like the idea of him never becoming a radiant though. Like among a crowd of magical people, it's nice to have a heroic type that mundane (well, just non-magical, not mundane in other senses) who is flawed and makes mistakes without being an embodiment of an ideal. Having a "normal" human among people who can do these somewhat superhuman things is a good grounding, I think. Having someone who has to figure stuff out and solve his problems with mundane methods can be cool, I think. Even so, I do want to see him Radiant. I think he should be an edgedancer. Because I mean, come on. Lift training Adolin. That would be great.
  4. Ah, that makes sense to use an @ . Thanks for the tip! There is literature out there but it's kinda limited in the field of psychology at the moment since it's so new. There's nothing on fan quizzes yet (except for one about the accuracy of the sorting hat quiz results), but there's a fair amount on fandom in relation to wellbeing and identity and etc. Fan studies tends to not be taken super seriously in academia so there aren't many people researching it (yet!). Still, I'll mention some fan studies articles that I personally found interesting. They might be behind a paywall if you aren't a student at university that allows access to them (which is how I got access to them). If you can't find them, email me at steven.proudfoot {at} wayne.edu and I might be able to help you out. (I'm going to just do title and authors instead of proper APA citation format since this is informal) "Sport Fan as the Default Fan: Why Non-Sport Fans are Stigmatized" by Stephen Reysen and Jennifer Shaw "Better Together: Social Connections Mediate the Relationship Between Fandom and Well-Being" by Stephen Reysen, Courtney Plante, and Daniel Chadborne. "Online fandom, identity milestones, and self-identification of sexual/gender minority youth." by Lauren B. McInroy and Shelley L. Craig There's some cool ones that aren't in psychology, especially some about fan fiction, but these three are a few that I liked in psychology.
  5. It's so good! I just finished reading the trilogy and it just gets better too
  6. Whoops, I figured it out. I meant to quote you in my reply but I posted it as a general reply to thread instead. sorry, still figuring all this out.
  7. I'm super unfamiliar with this forum system, so I'm trying to reply to Sorana here but I'm not sure if it's gonna post as that or as a general reply to the thread here. Bear with me as I figure this out lol sorry I get why you might like Sanderson better, I personally have a bit of bias as Weeks was one of the first authors who I liked/found. I would love to answer that non-Brandon question. It's kinda hard to answer that without sounding kinda snarky, so I'll explain but in general: they are each the academic study of video games and the academic study of fandom (two separate things, not like fan-and-game studies compounded). The more specific answer comes down to which field you want to approach that from though. If you want to approach it as an english/film/media major, that means theory like what it means to be able to control the view of the game (which sounds like not a big deal but early game scholars were crazy about that especially since a lot of them were film scholars who were used to talking about gaze in film and suddenly here's a thing where you can control where you look like woah). In psychology, it would be various human impacts of it: how does it seem to impact development, behavior, social stuff, cognition, etc. Anthropology and sociology talk about them too I think, but that's a bit outside my expertise. They would probably be talking about games on a societal level and more frequently use methods that are more about talking to people than collecting number-data (sometimes). In my own experience/work with game studies, I'm still an undergrad, but I'm going to be trying to publish a paper soon (which is super over-ambitious, I'm almost certainly going to be rejected) about types of ARGs and I'm currently writing a paper in a class about games that make you feel bad intentionally with their narrative. My explanation of fan studies is largely the same as long as you switch out the word game for fan in that explanation and ignore the examples. If you approach it from an english perspective, there's a lot of people who talk about fandom generally (like who are fans and let's look at fan stereotypes) and things in and about fan fiction and fan communities. That's a bit over simplifying it but thats a decent one-sentence summary. Personally, right now and in my main interest in fan studies, I want to approach it in psychology (which is pretty rare at the moment but it's a growing field I think). I'm currently running a survey about fan personality quizzes (like the sorting hat or "which disney princess are you") in which I use social psych methods to measure a few things about that (I don't want to ask anyone here to take it until I get permission from a mod though so I'll leave it at that for now). They're both small fields at the moment, albeit game studies is a bit older and bigger right now. I just want to do stuff with them as I go forward in my education, which is a weird thing to be excited about I guess. But I'm a nerd, so hey, whatever. Sorry to talk so much on a non-Brandon thing.
  8. Heyo, I'm Steve. I've read most of the cosmere books (short of Elantris and I'm currently reading The Bands of Mourning) and my favorite Sanderson series is the Stormlight Archive (I've listened to their audiobooks 3 times now. I have a couple of headcannons I'd like to talk about but they involve spoilers so not gonna share that here). To get a sense of who I am as a reader and person here's a few things: I'm a psych and english double major at wayne state university at the moment and I'm going to be pursuing a doctorate soon (if I get into a program) where I'll be studying fan studies and game studies in both of my fields (hopefully). I'm always excited to talk about my academic interests too, so if anyone ever wants to talk about stuff like game studies or fan studies please send me a message! I'm a big fan of other fantasy and sci-fi writers and series too, including but not limited to: all of Brent Weeks' stuff (I'm afraid to admit I like him more than Sanderson), Cixin Liu (the best sci-fi writer I've ever read IMO), Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Yahtzee Croshaw, and Frank Herbert. That's all I can think of to put here so I guess that's it. Thanks.
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