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  1. I'm one that only like bacon partially cooked. I don't like crispy bacon. Bacon is universal, it is the yet unconfirmed shard that rules all others. Even Odium bows before it.
  2. Original WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/107-orem-signing-2014/#e1376 Zas678: And my other question is about Taravangian. It becomes clear that when he’s smart, he’s less compassionate, and when he’s dumb, he’s more compassionate. Brandon: Yeah, he mentions that in his interlude. Zas678: Is that intentional, or is that just how you believe inteligence works? Brandon: No, that’s intentional. There’s plenty of really smart people who are also compassionate, and dumb people who aren’t. Zas678: So when Taravangian is smart, his Cognitive aspect is stronger. So when he’s dumb, is his Spiritual aspect stronger? Brandon: [With a sly grin, pulls out a RAFO] I think linking in footnote would be right method. At least thats what Pagerunner and Chaos said The 2nd snippet of the audio file I posted here https://wob.coppermind.net/events/174-oathbringer-portland-signing/ clarifies this. It actually counters what Zas speculates. The audio hasn't been transcribed into WoB's yet but hope this helps.
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