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  1. Odium is trapped in a similar way to ruin. Not in a perpendicularity but by making an oath with honour, while ruin was put in a permanent state of preservation! Odium can leave the Roshar system until he is released from his oath.
  2. I’m pretty sure the radiants came after. The spren imitated the bonds honour used to create the heralds. But it wasn’t enough, they needed the power of cultivation too. With a spren you need to honour a bond and cultivate that bond (swearing additional ideals as it’s cultivated)
  3. Wild theory: Lift is already dead! shes a Roshari version of the returned. She converts food to investiture and needs it to sustain herself. Her boon was to not get old. Returned age to their prime. Lift can’t count doesn’t mean she isn’t ageing (to a point)
  4. I believe Hoids agelessness (immortality) is similar to the returned agelessness. They die and become Cognitve Shadows then return with a measure of shardic power (similar to Kelsier)
  5. There are already refugees there, it would be a kick in the baws for them to become refugees again... Is history doomed to repeat itself? Rediscovering a lost super weapon and shattering a plan(et)
  6. Foreshadowing in Warbreaker (but only if you’ve read stormlight) Ciri teaches the god king to read... “Stories for children” First letter (of stories) That is the letter shash! Flip to stormlight... Shash brand DANGEROUS
  7. @skaa I really think your on to something with the callings! Especially if it’s a cultivation planet. Ashyn is confirmed to be a ‘base 10’ magic system. You have only referenced 9 callings... Is that how odium corrupted the Ashyn? Wheres the 10th? If the magic system on ashyn started as callings how did odium corrupt it into disease? i can see how diseases and cultivation can be linked but not how that connects with callings... i can see how callings and cultivation are linked. Personal growth, nurturing skills, etc
  8. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the parish/singers were originally called ‘dawn singers’? so... where do the dawn shards come from?
  9. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the parish/singers were originally called ‘dawn singers’? so... where do the dawn shards come from?
  10. As much as I love this idea. Breath IS investiture not an ability (not the correct term) controlled by investiture. although, you could store ‘health’/‘wellness’ in a metalmind and visit Braise, to make yourself sick... with enough fine control you could guarantee you never recover!
  11. Most gemstones are aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with impurity’s creating the colour. The aluminium absorbs the investiture, the oxygen creates a buffer allowing for investiture storage
  12. Theory: Hoid is the weapon that shattered Adonalsium
  13. Possible, as its described as the cracks arent forced apart more that the ground dissolved, if I remember correctly i was thinking it was a dawn shard or it was the splintering of honour manifested in the physical realm... oh, if the same thing happened on Elantris it could be the reason the gulf opened and caused issues with the magic system
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