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  1. @Weltall that's what i was thinking too, atium has to be back soon (i guess the title really is proof) so lerasium should be back in the mix too. I've read some theories on god metal mistings, so there have to be more out there and alloys of them. Do we have any WoB about trellium and harmonium (is that right?) I've been trying to dig a bit on this to put together my first theory post, but I've been sick the past few days and on mobile, so digging has not been fun. I don't know where they come from or what they do and i feel like i totally should know these things!
  2. My theory on it was always that somehow we could take the mist and turn it into a solid, and then boom we have Lerasium. Maybe in era 3 mistborn they will figure this out with new technology? I feel like harmony should know this but i can totally understand if he doesn't want to share that knowledge, having full powered mistborn running around could be an issue haha. The reason i ask is because of the mentions of alloys of the God Metals. And (correct me if I'm wrong) as far as i know atium should start regrowing at the pits. Thanks for the replies and theories, I'm glad i joined up!
  3. @Sami sounds good i will post there! Also thanks @Rebecca! IRL i am a dj and the Kandra have always been my favorite so i just put the two together, it seemed fitting!
  4. So quick question about these, i know Atium was "regrowing" at the pits for awhile, but where exactly did Lerasium come from? Is it just gone forever now or is there a way for someone to make/discover more?
  5. Hello friends! I've been reading the theories on this site for a long time but i finally decided to make an account! I have a question about Lerasium and Atium, but I'm not sure if i should post it in the Cosmere section or the Mistborn section. Thanks in advance, looking forward to talking with everyone!
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