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  1. To those wondering where I am--I've had a lot of pretty big life changes in the last couple of years, and I'm not confident or comfortable in participating in theorizing discussions here. I have always believed that characters are at the heart of Brandon's storytelling, and I will continue to love discussions related to the characters of the Cosmere and elsewhere. However, I have been historically largely disappointed by the level of discourse on this forum, particularly with respect to analytical sincerity and nonpartisan moderation, and I have very little desire to return to a place that, despite the best intentions of the moderation staff, made me feel less for not conforming to the popular, espoused ideas.

    If I have offended anyone in saying this, I apologize. My purpose was not to offend. More to give an insight into my state of mind.

    At this time, I am basically maintaining this account for the purposes of participating in Writing Excuses when I have the mental and emotional stability to do so, but I don't intend to participate much on the greater discussions of the forum as I once did years ago.

    I have made many great friends on here, people who, for all intents and purposes, I consider family, and for that I am grateful to my experience here. But for those who are hoping my comment on "Tactics to making a good post" means that I'm going to become active once more, I sincerely apologize, but that's not the case. Above all else, I have to consider my own mental and emotional health.

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      EDIT: Reading Excuses, not Writing.

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