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  1. Thank you, @StrikerEZ! I really appreciate the overview and the recommendations. It is nice to join a forum where people are so welcoming!
  2. Hello! I have been lurking in the forums for a while now and decided to join today. I am new to Brandon's works; I have always enjoyed fantasy, so when I found myself with a lot of time spent holding a newborn who cried whenever I put him down last summer and not wanting to turn on the TV, I started ordering long fantasy novels on Amazon to fill my time. I didn't get to The Way of Kings until this year (all that sweet cuddle time went away after a few weeks when the baby got more mobile and when I went back to work), but I have since read both Stormlight Archive books twice. I am now hoping to finish as many of the rest of the Cosmere works as I can before Baby #2 arrives in December. Any suggestions on which to read first?
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