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  1. I don't really cry at books; at least I have yet to. Sometimes a movie will get me, but something about books is just a degree too far removed to get me to actually cry. Not to say that there haven't been a ton of great emotional moments. Rereading MB Era 1 and: Also for SA:
  2. I certainly agree with a lot of you that the Vivienna chapters were a bit of a slog. It was really hard to learn to like her character, and it felt like she mainly existed as the "fish out of water" so that the reader could get exposition and descriptions about Hallandren. But, I really ended up enjoying the book as it went on. Denth's betrayal was a surprise and Lightsong sacrificing himself to heal Susebron was a fitting end true to his character. And ironically (SA Spoilers)...
  3. It certainly doesn't have to be romantic. But, the softie in me just wants to see them grow in that area. And a romantic relationship wouldn't have to be dismal. I think the characters are both on a path to change, and they could certainly surprise us by making it work.
  4. I've realized that I'm entirely behind Kaladin + Jasnah because I honestly think they'd have the most interesting interactions. They're probably my two favorite characters in the series, and we haven't really gotten to see either in a true romantic setting before. Jasnah has always put academia first, and Kaladin has always put being a soldier first. If they were drawn together, I think there'd be a mutual understanding that their oaths and duties come first. Besides, I think that the two could learn a lot from one another.
  5. I've only read Oathbringer once and my memory isn't perfect, so I could be wrong. But, I'm pretty sure we witness Azure kill with her blade and it doesn't puff anything to smoke, it just drains color from the body. I can't recall the exact spot, but I remember her fighting and color draining from her victim and me thinking "Oooh, that must be Vivenna." So, while I'm 99% certain Azure's blade is an Awakened Blade (the knowledge of how she created her blade was enough to barter with in Shadesmar) it doesn't seem to be on the same caliber as Nightblood, for a few reasons. * Nobody is drawn to it the same way that people will greedily kill each other for Nightblood * No one becomes physically ill from being her sword * We don't have evidence that the Awakened sword speaks to her. Azure does refer to the sword as a "she", but otherwise does not give it any other personification (and people give genders to their possessions a lot). * No smokey puffing from killing
  6. One moment no one has mentioned yet that I thought for sure would be a top contender: Talenel speaking with Shash, both of them crying. Him crying because humanity had more time to actually recover from the desolations. Her crying because she still feels the guilt of leaving him to suffer for 4000 years. It was a beautiful scene and quite surprising behavior from both of the Heralds; I had really expected both of them to act differently (based on what little we knew about their characters before OB).
  7. Whoa whoa whoa... you might need to elaborate on that one. I just finished OB, so it's all a bit of a blur, but I definitely missed that.
  8. Wow, I didn't know he actually wrote that. I'm a huge Jasnah fan and was waiting to find out about her Shadesmar travels in OB. I hope he ends up releasing it. I've heard (only rumor at this point, I think) that a novella for Rysn was going to happen, which I'd be all for.
  9. I recently posted about this in another topic. I'm convinced that "Unite them" takes on different meanings; Dalinar, as a Bondsmith will always seek to unite instead of divide, and that seems to continually change depending on circumstance. In WoK, Dalinar thinks he needs to unite the High Princes, therefore uniting Alethkar. In WoR, Dalinar tried to unite the Knights Radiant to fight the coming desolation. In OB, Dalinar wants to unite the Monarchs (i.e. uniting Roshar) to fight the voidbringers. By the end of OB, Dalinar unites the three realms to create a perpendicularity. For future books, "Unite Them" could mean the KR Orders, the Honor Blades, the Heralds... lots of things. Personally, I believe that Dalinar will end up uniting Odium, Cultivation, and the Splinters of Honor into a single Shard, similar to how Sazed creates Harmony from Preservation and Ruin. I think Dalinar's ultimate role is going to be reforging Adonalsium.
  10. Jasnah is a tough nut to crack, for sure. Personally, she's one of my favorite characters, but I'm not surprised in the least that some people don't like her (Most characters in the book find her to be cold and condescending; why wouldn't the readers feel the same?) I've heard several arguments that Jasnah is lesbian or asexual, and while its certainly possible, I personally don't see enough there to make that connection. I think it's a brash assumption to think "Well, she doesn't seem to want to get married, therefore she's gay." or "She's not interested in romance, therefore she's asexual." Jasnah always struck me as a woman that was too focused on the end of the world to think about marriage and kids. It doesn't mean she's not interested, but rather the importance of the Voidbringers and desolation, as well as her Radiant training, takes precedence. I have a personal theory that her character arch will involve opening herself up to others.
  11. I loved the reveal of the Recreance. Honestly, I don't envy the burden of any writer that builds up a huge mystery and has to eventually give answers; no one will ever be satisfied when our own expectations start to get out of hand. I found it to be a very powerful realization. The Radiants found out that (a) They were effectively conquerers, NOT the defenders they considered themselves and (b) that the power of Surges is what destroyed their old world. That places a LOT of questions on the oaths promised by the various orders. For instance, the Windrunners promise to protect. Are they really protecting if the ones they're fighting are trying to reclaim a stolen home? Is it protecting when their own powers could be the cause of the world's destruction? The Skybreakers have an easier time dealing with this, which explains why they were the only order to remain after the Recreance; swearing the 3rd ideal allows them to choose a specific code to follow, which effectively rids them of having to take a moral responsibility. I think it's going to come into play more in the next book and we'll really see the implications of their growing Radiant powers and how destructive they could become as they continue to swear the ideals.
  12. Alright, fully disclosed, I do ship Jasnah and Kaladin. This isn't due to any hard evidence; they just happen to be my two favorite characters and I think their strong personalities would clash in an entertaining way. With that out of the way, I really don't think Jasnah is asexual; I just think everyone assumes that (including the reader) because we don't understand her. Jasnah skips a lot of character growth (from the reader's perspective) due to her unaccounted time in Shadesmar. We know that she had survived in Shadesmar for a while on her own before Hoid meets her at the end of WoR and after that they began traveling together. We have no idea what occurred between then and her return. At some point, she emerges, makes her way to Urithiru, and continues on like nothing had happened. It's not until the end of OB that we really see how far Jasnah has come in her Elsecaller abilities. Even the most advanced Soulcasting (soulcasting the air itself) seems effortless to her. So, as readers, there is a lot we do not really comprehend when it comes to Jasnah. There is a lot to her character that us, as readers, haven't gotten to see, and I think in Book 4 we'll get some more of her perspective (the same way we got more Adolin chapters in OB). With that, I think we'll learn more about what makes her tick and the whole "Jasnah is asexual" thing will turn out to just be a brash assumption.
  13. The context of "Unite Them" seems to change with every book, leading to deeper and deeper meanings. At first, we were led to believe that Dalinar was supposed to unite the High Princes to create a united Alethkar. Then in WoR, it was concluded he was meant to unite the Knights Radiant so they could stand against the Desolation. In OB, we see several instances: he's actively uniting the Monarchs (i.e. uniting the kingdoms of Roshar against Odium) and by the end, Dalinar is literally uniting the three realms and creating a perpendicularity. As a Bondsmith, Dalinar's role will continually be to form bonds, and I have a feeling that he'll still be hearing "Unite Them", even after all he's done. Why? Because I think the end-game to Dalinar's arch is uniting Odium, Cultivation, and the splinters of Honor to become a new Shard, similar to how Sazed united Ruin and Preservation to become Harmony. Dalinar's role on the highest level is to help reform Adonalsium.
  14. That's basically how I interpreted Hoid's letter as well. Hate is a legitimate human emotion. Kaladin knows that emotion all too well. Things often perceived as negative emotions (sadness, sorrow, guilt, hate, spite, jealousy, anger) are all what make us human; they round us out as individuals. Odium or hatred as a part of the bigger picture of Adonalsium is not a bad thing because it becomes only one piece of the puzzle that makes up a complex being. For instance, Ruin on its own is devastating, but combined with Preservation, it becomes Harmony. The world needs destruction and death; that is the circle of life after all. It's because things are finite that they become beautiful and prevents us from taking them for granted. A balance of both of those Shards is a far greater force than either on its own. So I can definitely depict Odium as being evil; it is hatred without balance, reason, or (as you put it) intent. Hatred on its own is not evil, but there needs to be checks and balances.
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