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  1. Just did a reread. What about "I will keep hope alive, no matter the cost"? The moments in Oathbringer when Kaladin attracted windspren/approached 4th ideal was when he was looking forward. This would both address his battle with depression as well as his general failure to focus on the big picture. In the scene, it is assumed the "single hope" was Kaladin reaching the 4th ideal. What if instead he was searching for the capacity to maintain hope?
  2. Considering the spirit web is outside of time, is it possible that someone can have cracks that will appear later, that allow for power now? Using shallan as an example; she bonded when likely too young to be broken, but will experience significant trauma later in her life.
  3. Yup, real diamond. I gave that one to Sanderson during his Arcanum Unbound tour.
  4. Actual rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. I have a rock collection, so I pick them up cheap at gem/mineral conventions. Some rubies I made myself out of base materials. Some gemstones cannot stand the heating process. Emeralds (cracks, produces gas), heliodor, topaz (loses color, shatters), amethyst (loses color), garnets (burns), smokestone (loses color). I never tried zircon.
  5. LordOfStorms


    These are glass spheres with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds in them. Some stones, like emeralds, could not survive the heat.
  6. If someone is still interested in making them from glass, glass "gems" might work as the insert. You would think they would melt and lose their shape but I've put moldavite (glass from meteorite impacts) in glass and it's held up. Try taking a glass faux gem and sticking it in barely-molten glass (squishy, not fully liquid).
  7. Resin is a solid way to go! Maybe take a picture with the finished spheres in some CO2 fog...XD
  8. The fundamental problem is one of cooling/contraction. Liquid glass touching a ruby, for example, will heat the ruby to the same temperature instantly, and as they cool together the glass will crack. If you built half the sphere (or the whole sphere, drilled a hole, and inserted the gem) and then put liquid glass on the gem you'd face cracking on any portion of glass that is fused to the gem. (If dripping liquid glass on room temp glass it may also not fuse together). I've tried remelting cracked spheres, encasing the spheres in insulation to lengthen the cooling time, cooling them faster, and using larger glass-to-gem ratios. The only solution I've found to work is picking a type of glass with a coefficient of thermal expansion that matches the gemstone you're working with. For rubies/sapphires window/picture frame glass seems to work, at least for small gems. Another option is to make it mostly out of glass, then drill inside, place the gem, and fill with something lower-heat like epoxy or borosilicate glass. The method I used in that report leads to drip-shaped "spheres," but it's easy to polish them into a sphere shape with a dremil and a diamond wheel. It was so exciting when I first got these to work, I considered trying to sell them. But med school started, I got busy, so I just gave a pile of them to Sanderson^_^
  9. LordOfStorms


    This is a Soulcaster I made out of salvaged jewelry and loose gems. It is entirely made of silver/gold with a ruby (man-made), topaz, and amethyst. The finger rings attach with clips so it can be easily taken on and off.
  10. Hi Proud Darkeyes! I worked for quite some time on creating these spheres. My priority was to use glass and the real polestone gems, with subsequent shape of the sphere/gem less important. The main problem was the glass kept cracking as it cooled, as the gem and glass contracted at different rates. I was eventually able to solve this with small gems using windowpane glass, whose expansion coefficient matched closer to that of ruby and diamond. (Report attached). Note that some gemstones shatter under the high heat. I've seen this done with glass and synthetic opals, which "play nice" and don't shatter the glass. If you want the correct "sphere with rounded bottom shape" using glass you may want to create a sphere and then polish the base down using a diamond dremil wheel. A cheaper and easier option would be to suspend faux gems in epoxy. (fill 1/2 full with epoxy, let dry. Place stone down at center and fill the rest of the way), can use a dremil/sandpaper to smooth to desired shape. Good luck on your project (it's a fun one), and feel free to PM me with questions. I myself started it because I told Sanderson at a signing that the gems were cracking the glass spheres. He was surprised and said if I could find a solution he might slip it in a stormlight book. I gave him my report, so fingers crossed Sphere Creation.docx
  11. Our overall idea is pretty wacky, but it’s an interesting take on the Cosmere: Base assumptions: Sentient minds naturally produce/gather enormous amounts of Investiture, and that energy may be siphoned off. With those two assumptions, it makes sense that long, long ago one creature may have started stealing investiture from the minds around it. Using power to steal more power, it quickly ballooned to an enormous size and scope. Perhaps many such creatures formed, each staking out territories the size of a small galaxy and siphoning off energy from the lives within. One was Adonalsium. Eventually some people on Dragonsteel figured out that Adonalsium was a parasite, using the creatures around it as batteries, and to return the power to the people they figured out how to destroy/shatter it. That wasn’t enough. Even shattered, each Shard instinctively drew upon the life around it. Perhaps the plan involved destroying each Shard further but the Intent of the Shards prevented that (plus who wants to give up godhood?) Motives: Rayse (Odium). Imagine Rayse as a chessmaster on Dragonsteel. He suspects that after the Shattering the Intents of each shard will keep the 16 from completing whatever their plan was. So, he choses the Shard of Odium. With this Intent he will be able to keep alive his hatred of the Shards and their parasitic nature, and eventually complete his task. His plan is to shatter each Shard in turn then commit suicide, possibly after scattering the splinters even further. In doing so he divides the power Adonalsium was siphoning back to the “people.” He may have even planned for the Shardholders to spread life throughout the local galaxy post-shattering, before culling them off. 2. Hoid. Hoid may have originally agreed with Rayse’s plan. But, eventually he realized that Adonalsium was not alone. The universe is filled with such creatures each with a staked-out territory and each hoping to expand. If the Shards are splintered too much, one of the neighbor siphon creatures might be able to move in, an outcome that Hoid sees as worse than if the power were to be returned to the people. Thus he opposes Rayse. Support: This all tenuous but.. 1. WOB says that “Adonalsium was opposing some force.” Possibly it was holding others of its kind at bay. 2. Shards tend to be Invested on a planet. We assume that that process gives power to that planet, but it could also be the reverse. 3. If Adonalsium was similar to God, why would aspects of its personality include Dominion, Odium, and Preservation? (God shouldn’t need to Preserve itself- it just IS) Those only sound useful if Adonalsium is defending a territory from others of its kind. 4. Braize, Odium’s invested planet, is populated mostly by slivers. Perhaps because Odium hates using lives as a power source? 5. Odium clashed with Ambition early on, to prevent Ambition from regathering all the shards. Clearly Odium, at the very least, does not want Adonalsium restored. The next two are mostly thematic- 6. Sanderson is a very optimistic writer, believing in the potential in people. It would seem to fit his style that, unfettered, every being would have great power. 7. Sanderson likes to give Big Bads reasonable motives. Even if this theory is wrong, which it almost certainly is, we should examine why exactly Odium wants to destroy everything. Destroying things was Ruin’s job- “Odium” implies that his actions are caused by a specific hate. A possible conclusion to the Cosmere: Odium’s plan on a grand scale. Adonalsium is reforged, but a way is found to add a little more power to it, perhaps by every mind in the local area willingly giving up power to it. This extra investiture allows the new Adonalsium to overpower the other local beings of its kind. This snowballs until there is truly one of those creatures in the universe, which promptly alters the magic system to prevent such creatures from reforming and then commits suicide. The Cosmere ends on a positive note, with each sentient creature regaining their naturally enormous level of Investiture and power.
  12. Support: Dragonsteel, where the original Shardholders came from, contained 3 sentient species. One of them was dragons. It's a fair assumption that at least one of the Shardholders came from each species. The first Letter, written by Hoid, was addressed indirectly to a reptile. "Ponder on that for a time, you old reptile, and tell me if your insistence on nonintervention holds firm." It's far from certain that the letter was addressed to Cultivation, but that should certainly be considered a possibility. The double eye of the Almighty looks reptilian, with scales at the edges of the eye. Because the double eye is Rosharan, it could refer to either Honor or Cultivation. However, we get a clue to its origins in the drawing of Szeth by Ben McSweeney- in that drawing, Szeth's belt carries a double-eye. This implies the double eye is of the Shin culture, which we know worships Cultivation. What do you guys think?
  13. That's awesome Ironeyes, what cosmere stuff have you made? Just a hobby for me. I like to jump around and learn different materials. I'm taking this winter break to make Szeth's Honorblade out of fiberglass and ruby. At the signing for Ars Arcanum I gave Sanderson a set of the glass/gem spheres and a explanation for how to make them. In the report I suggested it might be the kind of thing he'd want to sell in the store. Haven't heard back from him but they only cost a dollar or two to make apiece, so maybe one day they could be sold.
  14. I've worked on several Cosmere projects- a mistcloak, a soulcaster out of pure silver, gold, and gems, and the gemstone Spheres from Stormlight Archive (I'll get around to posting pictures online at some point). Figured I should start posting on the forums! A theory, then. SPOILERS Shardplate is made of condensed Cultivation-type spren, as Blades are made of Honor-type spren. Honor and Cultivation each control half of the surges on Roshar, so it could make sense that each is responsible for half of the Knights' gear. There also appear to be sub-spren for each of the main ones that bond via the Nahel Bond: Honorspren=windspren, Cryptics=creationspren, Cultivationspren=lifespren. Kaladin, Shallan, and Lyft each have drawn an incredible amount of each of these spren, respectively. Perhaps while Kaladin is filled with Stormlight and windspren are dancing off the Invested waves coming off of him, they will condense into a suit of Plate? First time posting, so if there's a better place for a theory post or a way to add spoiler tags, let me know!
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