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  1. Just like our's! So far, in our story, most of the classic Disney heroes are dead, Maleficent rules the world, Jafar broke off from the bad guy faction to start his own Empire, Hades is conspiring to overthrow both, and in the first story arc my Rogue disguises herself as Snow White so she can assassinate the Evil Queen up close and personal.
  2. Ha! It's like an absurd comedy version of the campaign my friends and I are running!
  3. I finally read Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist! ... And, huh. Sort of the first time I ever found one of his works to be just... "okay." Not great, not a knockout like Elantris or Warbreaker, nor even as pure fun as any of the Mistborn Era 2 books. It's fine, sure, and there's plenty I like about it, but it sort of came off as a subpar ersatz Harry Potter novel to me. The plot doesn't even kick in until you're more than halfway over, and even then it feels like so little happens up until then. In contrast, Philosopher's Stone managed to compress so much in fewer pages, getting across more in terms of character and subplots and actual "kid heroes investigate mystery" shenanigans than The Rithmatist manages to accomplish in a hundred or so pages. It feels underwhelming, I have to be honest. I love Sanderson's work, so reading a novel that's just... decent is almost worse than reading a book written by any other author that's just plain bad, heh heh. In the meantime, I'm currently reading Forrest Leo's debut comedic fantasy novel The Gentleman.
  4. It's just a damnation shame it's set to a silly sequence where pink dancing bugs provide backing vocals.
  5. @bleeder He's a GREAT character, and none of his songs are particularly villainous. King George and Jefferson, on the other hand, are clearly the least sympathetic and most antagonistic characters in the play. You'll Be Back is easily a villainous love song (complete with promises of brutal massacres filtered through the lenses of a jilted lover), and Jefferson? Of all the Founding Fathers, he's easily singled out and raked over the coals for, you know, his hypocrisies and slavery and sexual exploitation and aristocratic classism. Any of his songs could easily qualify ("What'd I Miss?" is a delightfully ironic narcissistic send up of his own ego and vices). @Zathoth @TwiLyghtSansSparkles Hail to the Keith! @Nightbird Prince of Egypt is woefully underrated and criminally misidentified as a "late 90's Disney bandwagon chaser."
  6. @Ammanas In a just world, no one would ever have to think about the Russell Crowe version. And Stars is perfect. Easily one of the best songs from the musical.
  7. You can't go wrong with John Williams or Disney when it comes to composing ballin' anthems for the bad guys.
  8. Name your favourite villain song, but only one per post! Share your favourites! While everyone and their mother will cite "Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame or "When You're Evil" by Voltaire, I'd like to nominate an underrated classic. As an added bonus, since this is a Brandon Sanderson fansite after all, what badass villain song would best fit the amazing villains of the Cosmere, from the Lord Ruler to Hrathen? Leave your thoughts here!
  9. @Claincy Depends. When DM/GM-ing in person, I have my screen and several stacks of corebooks from different games to round it off as one great castle so that the players would "really" have to crane their necks over to see whatever it was I was doing. Generally, there's also a buffet of Indian takeout between all of us (and quite a few beers). Via text chats, I have my dice in reality and several tabbed character sheets in one window and a special window devoted to the main story of my game. Which, incidentally, is being rewritten all the time since, well, it's tabletop gaming. The players can't be expected to follow a script 1:1, so hence I must be flexible.
  10. By God, your stories are wonderful.
  11. The Bartimaeus books would be lovely, I think. Chances are, they might have grown up with the Harry Potter series. So why not introduce them to Harry Potter's very antithesis? It has a wry sense of humour, it's morally ambiguous, and the characters are genuinely fun and complex. Could be worth a go.
  12. Hm. Let's try out Discord. We'll see how that goes. Doc, set up the server. Call it "Call of Cthulhu: Dinner Party" or "CoC: Dinner Party."
  13. To make things clear for you guys- Here's the plan. First, I'm going to lay out the premise for the CoC game in question, set up the plot and setting and all that junk. Second, as such, to fit the setting we're going to talk shop about what sort of character you'd like to play as. Finally, third, when I have all the information I need from each of you I'll personally write up your character sheets and set them up on individual Google docs. How does that sound, guys? So, the premise- "Pitch: It's CLUE, with a Lovecraftian spin. Set in the 20's, the player characters have been invited by a famous and reclusive author to his manor. If they don't, well, he'll release certain articles of blackmail (exposing all sorts of personal and... possibly incriminating secrets to the public). As the guests are seated one by one, each within the palm of this man holding all your darkest secrets...the host reveals that they will soon be playing a game to win back their freedom... starting... now. Cue the lights. A second later, they're back on and the host is seemingly dead... and the manor takes on new and seemingly impossible dimensions, as eldritch things seep through the walls... and the host himself, this corpse, disappears and reappears in new shapes and sizes. Escape is impossible. The only way to save oneself is to brave the horrors of the manor, to find the secret means by which you can leave this accursed place." So that's the premise. Everyone here needs to come up with an era-appropriate character with a dark secret, something that the aforementioned Host would have over you. Traditionally, here are the usual occupations in CoC: Journalist, Professor, Author, Antiquarian, Doctor, Journalist, Private Investigator, Police Detective, Artist, Lawyer, Dilettante, Clergyman, Entertainer, Athlete, Engineer- believe it or not, each of these occupations have special talents and skills and abilities that might help you survive the night. http://the-call-of-cthulhu.obsidianportal.com/wikis/sample-occupation-skills As for points to allocate to what attributes, well, I'll handle that later, after I get back from work.
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