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  1. lol the title has the same energy as the one episode of The Good Place where they try out the trolley problem!
    The lighting looks great btw; it really captures the dark and disturbing mood, and you can feel the heat of the fire
    Image description:

    Shallan stares in shock as Jasnah soulcasts a man into flames. He holds a knife and seems to be screaming in the dark alley lit by fire.


  2. Y'all omg I just found out about these minis: Halfling Bard STL. (strataminiatures.com). It's everything I wanted in this design (even the pan flute) and it has MUSICAL wheels!
    I don't play Pathfinder yet, but the campaigns with wheelchair heroes is making me want to! Sara Thompson is the GOAT for making the combat wheelchair...
    Also, I just thought of a writing prompt: if Rysn has a fabrial that can remotely control her wheelchair, I want some epic batmobile action >:D  (Chiri-Chiri = bat?)

  3. after finishing the head, I think braided eyebrows make a lot more sense, but it's too late (shrug). I want them IRL... but like are they evolved to be whiskers? Antenna?
    Either way, hair is close enough (longways might be better), and Thaylen jewelry is really fun... and I'll do my best on the clothes, though I've never done a study of that :D


  4. Snow cancelled school for a week, so I finally watched Crip Camp (good!) and started working on Rysn again... or at least the chair (link to WIP). I couldn't decide on fantasy or conventional, so I made a typical one for now, and the attached picture shows a flying chair that got soulcast into rubies (with a big mess in the background).
    Chair WIP

    I might make a fabrial-powered one... Wheelchair costumes and fantasy (link to art) designs would be cool
    EDIT: I watched Howl's Moving Castle, and I realized Madame Suliman's chair is exactly the picture in my head, if slightly smaller

  5. so cuuute and all of these completely match the pictures in my head. I think I remember a description of her green dress, blue vest, and gold trim... but if I'm wrong it's still my headcanon :3

  6. OMGGGG your style looks great! I can see where you took the official art and ran with it on the hair and chair... but this depiction is really unique in all the best ways. How did you come up with the dress and jewelry?
    EDIT: lol now I can't unsee it

  7. I have this as my lockscreen, but I just realized... I'm not sure who the two guys on the right are. Since it has, from left to right, Renarin, Kaladin, Shallan, and Jasnah (plus Lift being adorable), I'm guessing it's Dalinar and Adolin to complete the Kholins? Someone else entirely?

    Either way, thanks for all the great work, and don't forget to post the Keshwi comic! >:D
    I can keep dreaming of a Rysn and Chiri Chiri animatic :3

    EDIT: Cool, thanks!

  8. @Ookla the KnightThe head would look bad 3d printed, but I'm gonna try to print it separately with some adjustments... I'll probably remove the weaving/interlacing parts on the head and just make it a big chunk, and I'll tell you how it goes!

    @Chasmgoat I'm glad you appreciate it! I spent a full day until 3AM just messing with it and I didn't expect it to go anywhere because same. My inspiration was my brother coaching me through drawing fingers in 2D and the rest was easy once I had a good finger to work with.

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