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  1. Wow. The resin printer really brought out all the details, especially on the chull (unless it was supposed to have flora too?)...  today I also found out that Rysn was revealed as a stretch goal, and the concept art looks exactly like what I imagined. I never got around to printing the ones I made on TinkerCAD, but now I don't have to because other artists already nailed the details and accurately portrayed Urithiru too 🤩 I look forward to seeing all the prints and painting progress!

  2. I'll always be a sucker for the era 4 space stuff, and that might have been enough to make Sunlit Man even more fun than Yumi in my opinion! Another controversial opinion: something horrible happened on Scadrial instead of Roshar, and that's why there's an interstellar cold war. Sure, it was more satisfying for the scientists in the bunker to be scumbags, but neo-colonialism is happening on a wider scale and Harmony already didn't want to give technology for free on Scadrial! Radiants don't have any motivation to export resources from colonized planets, as much as I love the metallic arts... Regardless, the Year of Sanderson was a great gift and I'm excited to see how the theories tie in to the next Stormlight 😄

  3. On 12/6/2021 at 10:57 PM, Ethan_sedai said:

    Is it just me or are 99% of these just text now? (It's nice that there are 100, so I can make an accurate percentage...)

    A text message that says "I'm glad you asked" followed by a voice recording almost 7 hours long. (69420, to be precise)

    It's always a good time to talk about image descriptions, and I recently learned that memes should always have alt text that will show up when they don't work!
    The jumbled letters that we see when an image doesn't load is what a visually impaired person would hear from a screen reader, so it's better to have a brief description instead.

    You can add alt text by double-clicking on an inserted image, and here's one of many helpful guides to writing alt text... and an expanding brain meme described: 

    "[image]trjgLJKHiLIdgfhDT" across from a typical brain scan
    "Expanding brain meme about alt text" across from a brighter brain
    "a meme with three brains. The first has no alt text and a dim brain, the second has alt text and a brighter brain, and the third has a full image description" across from a brilliant brain radiating light.

  4. 22 hours ago, cosmere_play said:

    Thank you @PandACT for considering this. I've started a project on ao3 doing image descriptions of Shallan's sketchbook, and found that there were a few people very happy to have them, so it's on my mind as an accessibility consideration. Unfortunately that's about as far as I go in terms of skills to bring to the table.

    Sounds like a perfect set of skills! The biggest community front is the Coppermind, where most text has transcripts, but there's lots of room for editors to add alt text!
    If I were to make a plan like the sugjesstive suggested, I'll start by thinking about image descriptions for the Stormlight notebook pages.
    Even a little accessibility will hopefully start a positive loop where more people want to contribute :D

  5. @cosmere_play mentioned alt text in the news post about updated logos, and I wasn't sure if I should hijack that comment section or start a thread, so I did both!

    I'm not blind, and I don't use screen readers, but it would be great to hear from anyone who does! Or, y'know, if there are any consultants to suggest hiring :3
    (@sugjesstive works with an IT company where they add alt text, and they agree that fans working together would be easier and better than getting automatic software!)

    My suggestions:

    • captions for images on forum posts, or add a reminder when the title field of an image is empty
    • check the navigation links to make sure screen readers know their function (notifications, messages, and more apparently only say "link" on mobile or PC)
    • encourage Coppermind images to work with Wikipedia's style guide for alt text

    I could've just missed all of these because I don't know what I'm doing, but the floor is open! 


    EDIT: @LewsTherinTelescope pointed out that you can fill the title field by double-clicking images, which makes the first bullet easier!

    17th Shard, the official Brandon Sanderson fansite I used title text here, as the logo correctly reads now: "link: 17th Shard, the official Brandon Sanderson fansite. alt 1".

    On an article about the new logo designs, you could describe it instead;
    "old logo: a shard of blue glass under a black number 17 stylized with cracks as if shattered. Text of different colors reads: 17TH SHARD THE OFFICIAL BRANDON SANDERSON FANSITE"
    "new logo: a blue triangle with a bright yellow piece breaking off at the top. Dark blue text says: 17TH SHARD and below it, THE OFFICIAL BRANDON SANDERSON FANSITE with the name Brandon Sanderson in yellow"

  6. I have no experience with wheelchairs, but that doesn't stop me from learning about them! Since I want a hoverchair for myself and for fanart, and technically there's no references yet (because the McSweeney art might be the Wandersail chair), and that leaves plenty of room for your headcanon. :D
    What we know: Rushu installed three rubies on the bottom of the wheelchair, which has padding, armrests, and a place to rest her back and legs. The Wandersail chair has straps that she can buckle herself in when sailing, so her wheelbarrow-chair probably has that along with a place to put a writing board and spanreeds. RoW didn't have much to add, other than the fact that she can apparently pop into the air when she activates it and doesn't need to pole around.

    what we don't know: what does she do when the gemstones run out? Did she trick it out with a button for fabrial boosters? Does it come with a Bag of Holding? What would you want?

  7. 7 hours ago, The Awakened Salad said:

    This is awesome! I really like the song choice, and the art looks great!

    (also this introduced me to your YouTube channel so it’s time to binge some cosmere animatics :P

    for real, the song is so perfect with the French Mistborn vibes and grim humor. The other animatics are less "cry laughing" and "more cry from sadness or awe," but there's always the little comments that only last a few frames; I've used the , and . keys on the animatics more than anything else on YouTube :D

  8. There's no didactic marks that I know of, but technically h does have a little line after it and looks a little like a backwards d... But that explanation seems insufficient. (So does the fact that Brandon and Isaac don't strictly line up the text with the art) Are we sure that's referring to women's script? Bending the rules for artistic symmetry is very glyph-y, though that wouldn't make sense either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You have me curious!

  9. Further down on the shchrödinger's cat joke, M-Bot says, "the probability has collapsed in our favor" when he confirms Spensa is alive. I wasn't convinced until then, but I screamed at that moment. :3

  10. Thank you for working on it! (Though, as it isn't urgent and is unnecessarily complicated, there's no need to delay more important things) The photo is from the Kaladin Album release party update on The Black Piper's Kickstarter. It seems to be official based on how it was one of the goals they promised and, as the caption reads, 


    We got to release the THATH glyph by Isaac Stewart!!! (He even signed it for us!)

    That's the only picture I could find, but it seems to be legit.

  11. I've been obsessing over the glyphs page and I want to bring attention to the fact that Isaac Stewart and the Black Piper kind of officially released the Thath glyph, though I'm sure most people are aware. Also, is there doubt to how official it is? The rest of them apparently come from the books, so if clarification is needed, will it still be on the Coppermind page? If so, I'd like to bring attention to it... because I haven't figured out how to extract it from the picture, and the empty spot on the table is bothering me. Thanks! :D 

  12. 8/10: Just enough progress to avoid stagnation, imo... but still more than enough of everything that Sanderson books do best to make it enjoyable. I think my disappointment comes mostly from my ridiculous expectations, though there are, as shown in this thread, legitimate complaints. I think one point of agreement is that Brandon knows what he is doing, and knows how to make fans happy, so I think he's capable of uniting us :D on a 10 for future books. Don't stop the hype!

  13. Wait, steel is almost automatically an end-positive feruchemical metal! Simply jumping up while storing weight, then coming down while tapping it already uses energy. In fact, steel might be the only one with an end-positive result. Potential energy from gravity seems to be the thing screwing it all up... Is it at all possible that gravity has an underlying system?''


    EDIT: I meant iron, yes

  14. What I assumed was that the bullet ended up ricocheting against itself, since part of it is going a different speed from the other. If it was only partially inside the bubble, the front would be going much slower/faster than the other side, and it would push and pull against itself in odd ways. I don't know what that would do with light, but I assume it would be much more free to pass through than solid metal.

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