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  1. Hey fellow Cosmere enthusiasts, I am a big fan of the Cosmere. For years I have been reading almost every single post in the Cosmere and Stormlight section of the forum. I have read every of his books at least two times. The community here is great one so I thought I might give back a bit. Keep in mind that this is purely a passion project for the community. The feedback you can give me and suggestions for improvement is what I need. I want this to be as good as it can be. If people are new to there Cosmere, I thought that this podcast might give them a proper introduction to the Cosmere. Once I've covered all the basic, I wanted to dive into some theories and speculation. This is my first podcast episode ever and I haen't figured it out all yet. So please, if you have any suggestions to make send them to me. They are very appreciated. Also, if I misstate some facts, please correct me. Your corrections will be included in future episodes. If you have any wishes for future episodes, please let me know. My pronounciation may also not be on point as I am not a native English speaker but I am giving my best. Hope you like it. Cheers Philipp
  2. This thing that said that the two couldn't harm him. That he was immortal and the apprentices wanted a challenge. Lift was talking with it. What is it?
  3. I don't think that this will happen at all. Brandon has said that hiis biggest concern is that the Stormlight Archive becomes too cosmere aware. He wants to make sure that the Stormlight Archive remains a series where you don't need prior knowledge about the Cosmere.
  4. Hey, I was wondering if it was still possible to get the full White Sand script if I send Brandon an email and ask nicely. Do you think that's still possible?
  5. Great. Thank you. When will it be released?
  6. Is that the name for the novella? What or who is IIRC? Where is the novella set?
  7. Hey my friends, do we have any information what the new novella is about?
  8. Hey friends, just a thought. We know that the last Mistborn Trilogy will feature Hoid and will end the Cosmere cycle. That means that SA 10 has to lead up to those events. What do we know about the ending of SA 10? Is there anything?
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