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  1. While Iyatil certainly has qualities that make her suspicious (especially that quote about "adapting"), I think she (and her backstory) are too important to be explained by a complicated concept that requires you read Mistborn to understand it. It seems likely that the only places Brandon could reveal something like this while being true to his promise that these are just "easter eggs" would be the final Mistborn trilogy; however, we'll want to know more about the Ghostbloods long before that. Has anyone succeeded in identifying the mysterious ardent sketching bridgeman tattoos? (I read something saying he was Nazh, and all we know about him is that he is more knowledgeable than Hoid). He sounds like the type Sazed would employ, and I doubt he naturally has a shaved head (would draw too much attention on other worlds)... could he be a kandra?
  2. I ran across this WoB after lyht posted it on "The Nature of the Seventeeth Shard": Is there any significance to the fact that Brandon calls Adolnasium a "he" - implying that it is not an abstract idea, but, just maybe, a real person? Could this "person" still be a copy of God's attributes? (like the Christian/Mormon idea of one god in three persons)? Is he less than god, or the physical form of the god perhaps?
  3. I didn't realize Sanderson had already posted the first chapter! Thanks for the link. It was amazing, even though I didn't realize it would be so short. Now I get why you're asking what he'll find... I keep hoping he'll see Laral again... she always did want him to find a Shardblade and become a lighteyes...
  4. I wonder if he'll be even more isolated from the rest of the town as a full-blown lighteyes than he was as an almost-lighteyed (as least to them) surgeon's son. Or maybe they'll just be amazed that he's a radiant.. It will probably depend on whether the Everstorm hits. He could be either a savior to them as they brace themselves for a disaster, or an anomaly telling them about danger they don't want to believe exists. Anyone else's thoughts? Oh, so does he use eyedrops to make himself look dark-eyed?
  5. You now have a dragon - but, unfortunately, you and your dragon are both trapped in Galbatorix's palace. I wish to be able to teleport without injury.
  6. ^Come to think of it, that's the same dilemma Sazed struggled with in Mistborn... Sanderson does seem to enjoy contrasting a personal vs. deistic/impersonal view of God (or more, specifically, torturing his characters with it xD). However, I think I could still see him going both ways (making God a generic concept inherent in everyone or making him more personable, reliable, and tangible.) I get why you say it's not as interesting to have Adolnasium be a copy of God... however, do you think it's still possible that there's something more than flawed people who have assumed a god's power in the cosmere?
  7. Granted, but you are cursed to break your oaths to the spren you love and never hold a Shardblade. I wish to be able to create meaningful, thrilling stories inside my head.
  8. Really, wow! I thought I remembered hearing something like that, but I couldn't remember where. Is it in the question-answer archives somewhere? Could you point me to the right place? (If it's in-cosmere, it could give us a further hint on exactly what Adolnasium is! Did Brandon himself say it, or one of the characters?)
  9. I suppose I can't resist cookies from Dumbledore's Army... (let's hope that was what the initials stood for xD). And I wouldn't mind a hint of pewter, as long as I'm not impaled with it! Thanks for the suggestion on Rithmatist - and FYI, for Jabberwocky, I also remember Sanderson saying that Kelseir and Hoid didn't like one another, I just can't remember where. It's probably in one of these question-answer archives... All of these interesting facts are the best
  10. Hmm... so what if Adolnasium intentionally shattered itself to give life/magic to the other worlds? Or if something happened that forced it to shatter itself in order to save the worlds it created? I could understand it's power being greater spread across the worlds than condensed in one huge "thing" - that's actually a really cool idea. But in that case, what to do about Odium? So in that case, is the real God separate from Adolnasium (and Adolnasium's just an imprint of his characteristics?) In that case, who is God? It would be cool if Brandon led us along, thinking Adolnasium is God, and then revealed that it's just a copy of him. Out of curiosity, from where in the book do you get the specific ideas that God is whole and that the Almighty said to destroy Odium? Oooh... I love the idea of Hoid knowing the future in parables. It seems to fit his personality. Thanks for the ideas! It seems Adolnasium has more possibilities than I realized...
  11. LOL that is the best idea ever... Or what if the stick was Hoid, and it was Hoid/the stick's stubbornness that shattered Adolnasium in the first place? And every single chapter was written from his perspective?
  12. Nice to meet you! And I also love Sylphrena
  13. After re-reading the letter (presumably written by Hoid) and it's mysterious response, the part about Rayse stood out as being particularly important. In the Words of Radiance response, it says "He bears the weight of God’s own divine hatred, separated from the virtues that gave it context. He is what we made him to be, old friend." From this passage, it seems that Adolnasium is "God" himself, and the problems throughout the cosmere are the result of "God's" attributes being isolated from the perfect whole. So... is Hoid trying to put "God" back together? Why would this be a bad thing (in light of some people saying Hoid is evil) and what could be the problems or implications of doing so? Also, did Hoid and his strange friend shatter "God" in the first place ("he is what we made him to be")? Does this make sense? Also, what does it say about "God" - and the general worldview of Sanderson's books - that God is/could be broken and needs our help to be put back together?
  14. Kelsier is alive?? I know so little about the spiritual realm! Is it the same for all worlds in the cosmere? And do we know that all shards access it? (Sazed seemed to be able to talk to Vin and Elend.) Does Kelsier only know Hoid as a beggar? Has anyone ever asked Sanderson about Kelsier's relationship with Hoid beyond what we see in Mistborn? Thanks for the extra information... I was so devastated when Kelsier died, so it would be amazing to know that he still exists, somewhere. And I'm always trying to learn more about Hoid.
  15. Wow... I never knew Rosharans were cannibals or the size of the cosmere. Thanks for the cool facts. Should I really take a cookie offered by an inquisitor? And thanks for the recommendations... I'm glad to hear that Steelheart is good, and I can't wait to read Warbreaker so I can finally understand Nightblood and the Vasher/Zahel connection...
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