So Pretty...

Visitors to the site this morning may notice a few changes on the forum. Subtle changes, but ones in the works for some time now, to enhance the cosmetic appearance and, in general, make things look awesome. Because we are all about the awesome. For example, new posts will now be designated by a bright, glowing Aon Omi, while topics with no new posts will be a dull, gray Aon Omi.

It looks really, really pretty. I can't wait to see it with lots of new posts.

Other changes are more subtle, of course, but as a whole they make the entire place look snazzy. All of this is in conjunction with the changes made by Code Monkey Ryan (we have a navbar now! It's not the one we'll have later, of course, but we have one now and we love it!).

Slowly but surely, 17th Shard is coming together in the way we, and hopefully you, want it. And once that is done... we shall have the means to RULE THE COSMERE! Our armies of super-intelligent Inquisitor Squirrels are already in place, and WE SHALL CONQUER! BOW, BOW BEFORE ME!

*cough* Ahem. Yeah. But, as stated, that's a long-term goal. Short-term goals are the same as before - make the site look awesome, give the members a great experience, and create the most in-depth, detailed, un-crapflapnasti Wiki we can.

The last one in particular is a community project, and everyone is welcome to contribute to The Coppermind. In fact, it's encouraged. We've had some amazing stuff done by members already (you guys know who you are. Fantastic work!) and we love seeing it grow.

Stay tuned for further developments. Stuff is in the works, and we think you're gonna like it.


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