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Shardcast: The Girl Who Looked Up (Myths of Roshar #1)


It's time we discussed some myths of Roshar, and let's dive into one of the biggest ones first: The Girl Who Looked Up! We're talking about both versions of the myth--both Shallan's and Hoid's--and then... well. We kind of go off the deep end a bit. How is Allomantic gold relevant to this? You'll find out, sort of.

This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Grace (thegatorgirl). 

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This episode was really entertaining to listen to, I love it when things go off the rails. :P 

My personal crackpot theory for The Girl Who Looked Up is not that she was Hoid, but that she was his daughter. I’m only basing this on the fact that he knows the story well and that she had hair the same color (sometimes) as his, but haven’t found anything disproving it yet so yay.

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Love this episode. The Hoid/Shallan collabo (look for their mixtape on soundcloud lol) is one of my favorite scenes and I love that you dug down on this one. Can't wait for episode 2. And 3. And 7. 

IRT to "crackpot theories" I love them all...and I vacillate between two: the Rosharan-centric and the Hoid-centric. 

In the first, I think it's describing the moment when Honor and Cultivation began to notice the humans and turn their backs on the Singers. Yes, they broke an oath, which may have caused Honor to turn his wrath (the storms) toward them. But then they flourished and grew, which I'm sure Cultivation just loved. This would dovetail well with the big reveal of OB. 

But, in the latter, it's more a hat-tip toward the thinking that the story has morphed from its origins to be more understandable to the Rosharans (i.e., "stormlight") while Hoid is really hearkening back to a story that is an allegory of his own origin story. He shares knowledge with the humans that, yes, might bring suffering upon them, but is also necessary to move the "plot" (his plot) forward. And the little bit of God's light is really the residue of the shattering of adonalsium that still resides within him and leads him to where he needs to go. So, in essence, he see's himself as the girl (hence the addition of the hair). 

Regardless, if it's plot-important, I'm sure we'll find it out. But if Argent's right about it merely being world-building, then it may have already served its plot-purpose and we may never know.

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