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Shardcast: TenSoon Was WHAT? | Q2 2021 Words of Brandon Part 2


We're continuing on with Words of Brandon from the June spoiler stream, as well as the Dusty Wheel interview! There are some very interesting WoBs this time, one pretty crazy one involving TenSoon. We also talk about more Investiture time dilation and more! Rhythm of War spoilers on this one!

This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin 9Paleo)! 

Our next episode will be out 7/24, as we're moving back to our biweekly schedule.

Here's our collection of all the Words of brandon in this episode: https://wob.coppermind.net/collections/807/

Here's our previous episode: https://youtu.be/EudC6a3Stvo

You can watch the full spoiler stream here: https://youtu.be/A67G4ObX7CM

You can watch Matt of the Dusty Wheel interview Brandon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxQYLUUMCxI

00:00 Introduction 
2:40 Is Nightblood a Sliver now?
5:21 Eshonai's experience in mateform
7:05 Sel-phones
9:38 Mistborn burning Tanavastium
13:43 Singers having red teeth
14:52 Singer skin and hair patterns 
18:55 Did Hoid burn bendalloy in RoW?
23:55 Odium in RoW, TenSoon as Kelsier and the biggest WoB ever 
42:03 Did get Sazed get memories fast when he Ascended?
47:47 Vasher isn't living his best life right now
52:45 Multiple moons on Roshar
54:40 Who can consume more Investiture, Nightblood or Chiri-Chiri?
55:10 Death rattles and when they will happen on-screen
57:15 Light in a vacuum
59:47 Mists leaking like Stormlight
1:01:28 Trapping mists in gemstone
1:08:35 Taravangian on Autonomy
1:12:10 Dusty Wheel Interview: fabrial RAFOs
1:13:09 Will we learn why Vasher and Vivenna got separated from Nightblood?
1:15:37 Kaladin falling to Odium?
1:19:29 Urithiru strata pattern related to Stoneshaping?
1:20:29 When will we see Taldain in more recent times?
1:22:34 Vessels from the planet a Shard influenced
1:23:21 Primer cubes with aluminum and chromium
1:34:31 Investiture time dilation, Spiritual Realm, and Selish Cognitive Realm
1:44:50 Groupings of Shards off of Dawnshards
1:50:47 Who's That Cosmere Character
2:07:07 Outro

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So with the genetic stuff, I think Venli’s orange hair is a regular genetic expression. It is just a certain gene that codes for orange. There also appears to be some Parshendi where there is co-dominance, where both traits are expressed separately, but simultaneously. This is opposed to incomplete dominance, where the trait expressed is a combination of the two traits (eg, red and white flowers mix, children are pink.) This also seems to be what is happening with Adolin and Renarin’s hair as well.

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