Shardcast: Spiritual Properties (Connection, Identity, Fortune)

It's time for some Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo! Today we're discussing the "Spiritual properties": Connection, Identity, Fortune. We also talk about Spiritwebs. Things get weird today, as you imagine. Remember, all disciplines are one in the Spiritual Realm...

Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Joshua (jofwu). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]!


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Speaking of @58:11 (in the video version) and the discussion that followed:

Shallan's case might help us refine our understanding ot what Identity is.

I don't remember how "mentally stable" Shallan is in the Cognitive realm section of Oathbringer (I'll have to read it again and pay attention ot this), but there are parts of the book where Veil and (to a lesser extent) Radiant appear to take over to the point where Shallan isn't there anymore. There are parts where she cycles quite rapidly through her different personas, and there are parts where the other personas "peek through", or make/help her do or say things that are somewhat out of character.

If appearance in the Cognitive realm depends on something akin to self-image, wouldn't Shallan literally "shape shift" in the Cognitive realm during such episodes? It would be quite a sight, and I suppose it would yield a reaction from the others.

Now if such an episode did happen during the Cognitive realm section, and Shallan's appearance remained stable, then Identity may not depend quite as much on self-image.

Either way, it would help make sense of that WOB and Identity. Feel free to chime in if you've just read Oathbringer (or that part of the book).



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Started reading through; there's this part in chapter 108 / Honor's Path:




Wait, had that been Veil?

Shallan shook free of the momentary drifting of personality. Kaladin didn't seem to notice.



Also, in  97 / Riino:



Shallan lowered her pencil, looking with dissatisfaction at the attempt she'd made at drawing a fearspren. It looked like a child's scribble.

Veil was seeping out.

That has always been you, Shallan. You just have to admit it. Allow it.

"I'm trying, Wit," she whispered.




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