Shardcast: Q1 2021 Words of Brandon: Our Brandon Interview and More!

Let's catch up on some Words of Brandon! In January, we did a Shardcast with Brandon, so we discuss what we learned from that, as well as getting through everything else that's happened in the first quarter of 2021! There's a bunch of things!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Joshua (jofwu)! Thanks to Ben for editing this one!

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The weird thing about Rayse dying is how irrelevant he now seems. As Harmony explained to Hoid in the epigraphs, going around killing all the Vessels and splintering the other Shards is as much or more Odium the Shard's idea as it was Rayse's. 

Odium talks to Travangian after Rayse dies, but before he picks it up. When Taravangian picks it up he sees how Rayse had become "enslaved" by Odium the Shard. 

Even if Taravangian dies in Book 5 the Shard will still have a mind of it's own unless Cultivation and Honor do something to either splinter it, merge it with another Shard splinter it and merge with the pieces.


If H or C or both merge with parts of Odium that would probably alter the magic system and set us up to learn more about voidbinding in the back 5. I think what was mentioned on the podcast might be right voidbinding doesn't really exist yet, but it will. We're being tricked and that voidbinding chart is demonstrating something that doesn't exist as of front 5, but will soon. 


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