Shardcast: Dealing With The Davars

This week on this totally not late and definitely on time episode of Shardcast, we are dealing with the Davars! We kept up with the Kholins, the most influential family on Roshar, so it's time to look into the most influenced family. We talk about all the Davars, the weirdness and mysteries still to be determined, and some ideas for the future. Also, the Seduction Vector and Pokespren.

Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Joshua (jofwu), and Grace (thegatorgirl). 


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Clearly Brandon helped ghost write all of the Disney movies and never lost his plotline of missing mothers.

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The Seduction Vector will definitely be a Malcolm Gladwell book about weird phenomena related to dating. Also, my headcanon is that Lin Davar always had anger issues and an explosive temper, but under normal circumstances that just would have made him a kind of irritable person prone to explosions when provoked. Certainly not a good or peaceful person, but also not what he was post-Shallan's-matricide. However, after the cover-up he was basically being bombarded on all sides by hatred and accusation, while at the same time harboring a terrible secret that was eating him up and probably terrified that he might provoke Shallan to kill him too (which turned out to be a valid fear). This brought out the worst in him, which was already worse than most other people's worsts, 24/7, which further validated the hatred and accusation, which in turn exacerbated his misanthropy, etc.

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