September 2021 Coppermind Art

Oh, friends, what a glorious day it is for us to have eyes! 2021's Coppermind art commission for September came in not too long ago, and it's a looker. It comes to you from the skilled hand of Shuravf whose work you've seen before, and will continue seeing in the future. But you don't come here to read read words, you come here to see all the beautiful and horrible things we pay people to paint, so let's get on with the show!

Tada! Here's Nikli, the Sleepless who was following Rysn around throughout Dawnshard, trying to get her to not go to Aimia. This illustration depicts him as he appears soon after realizing the Dawnshard had been taken - body struggling to maintain its human form, head exploding with flying hordelings, hand reaching menacingly towards Rysn. 

Nikli, one of the Sleepless, creatures made of insects, dominates most of the image. He - it - looks displeased and reaches menacingly towards the viewer. Much of its body struggles to maintain a human form, the fingers of its outstretched hand are visibly composed of cremlings that come together where the joints would be. The left half of the face and body are clearly a mass of various insectoids, and the left half of the skull has exploded, revealing a swarm of flying hordelings leaving the head and flying towards the viewer.

As always, if you want to pitch your own ideas for future art commissions, or vote in future polls (or like any of the other perks we offer), consider supporting us on Patreon - where you can also find the full HD version of this illustration, as well as all of our previous commissions.


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Awesome, not getting any sleep tonight! :D gracias por su valentía


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And this is one of the nicer graphics I have seen on this website. I hope it will inspire interesting dreams


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