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June 2023 Art Commission (3/4)


It's been a couple of weeks since we showed off some art for you all, so why don't we get back to it?
We still have a couple of queer characters left, and today we are sharing MeLaan. Who might not be traditionally queer, but the kandra's relationship with sex and gender is certainly fluid enough to warrant including her in here.
For this piece we worked with fan-favorite fanartist pekgna whose Cosmere fanart is as numerous as it is excellent (for example). We think they did a stellar job conveying the idea that all three versions of MeLaan in this illustration are still versions of her - not different people, but different visages MeLaan can assume. So you know the drill - give them the follows, and the likes, and the shares!
A digital illustration of MeLaan in human form. She is standing in front of a three-part bathroom mirror, inspecting her reflections - but the reflections show different versions of her. The real MeLaan presents as androgynous here, with just a towel wrapped around the waist, no sign of breasts, softer facial features, and short, dark hair. Her skin betrays her kandra nature with a few green, translucent spots. The reflection directly in front of her is clearly feminine, invoking a little of the stereotypical femme fatale image MeLaan was carrying when we first met her as Milan in Era 2; the reflection's pose matches the real MeLaan's pose, both inspecting their faces, and wears bright red lipstick, red dress, has long hair, and long nails, also painted red. The reflection on the right is clearly masculine, with sharper facial structure, red shirt, and short - but styled - hair. All three have light green eyes, but a container on the sink holds a pair of blue ones.

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