Special Oathbringer Dust Jacket Giveaway

Today we have an interesting, unusual giveaway. We are giving away a special alternate dust jacket of Oathbringer to celebrate its launch! This dust jacket was put together by beta reader Darci Cole and graciously donated to the 17th Shard by the group. It features a minifig Dalinar and Roshar created by the wonderful and talented Rick Martin. Also included are fun, candid pictures of Brandon and Peter, plenty of inside jokes, and the signatures of the members of Dragonsteel!

Included are memes like maladroitly, [REDACTED], Peter's many "i" adjectives, and more. It's perfect to cover Oathbringer just before you are about to bludgeon someone with it with the book's enormous weight.

To enter for this giveaway, all you need to do is register a 17th Shard account (if you don't have one) and comment below, saying that you'd like this, for a chance to win.

Due to shipping costs this can only be sent to residents of the United States. Apologies!

The contest will end 12:01 Eastern time, Monday, December 4th. We will then PM the winner for their shipping address.

Here are the full pictures of this dust jacket:

dust jacket 1.jpg

Exterior image, with signed by members of Dragonsteel Entertainment

dust jacket 2.jpg

Sketch by Ben McSweeney on the interior of the jacket

Special thanks to Ravi for his contributions to this article, and thank you to Dragonsteel and betas for this wonderful giveaway!

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