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Spoiler Stream Thursday, White Sand Omnibus Delayed


Two bits of news for you today! Firstly, Brandon will be doing a spoiler stream tomorrow at 6pm Mountain Time on his YouTube channel. We weren't sure if there would even be one this month--he has tried to do spoiler streams in June and December--but here it is! You can post and vote for questions in this Reddit thread.

In other news, Dynamite has announced on its Indiegogo campaign for the White Sand omnibus today a delay on the printing for the omnibus. Instead of the original June/July timeframe they had initially announced, it appears that the printer has pushed them back for getting things like the deluxe slipcase ready. This has resulted in the physical books pushed back to shipping to October. The books are finished, with their designs all approved, fortunately. Despite the book's complete state, digital editions for the omnibus will go out in August. It is somewhat amusing how late the English version of the omnibus is, considering the Spanish edition of the White Sand omnibus came out in print and digitally in May, but hey, not much Dynamite can do about it at this stage.

Dynamite also discussed how to purchase the omnibus if you missed the Indiegogo campaign. Preorders are starting on Dynamite's site, but the first edition print run will focus on the Indiegogo backers, with few additional copies. However, eventually the omnibus will be available in normal retail channels, but those will happen sometime in 2023. 

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