Shardbearer Applications!

Hey everyone!  So, we have very exciting news.  17th Shard has been asked to organize a set of helpers for THE WAY OF KINGS book release party at BYU on the night of the 30th.

This will be similar to what the stormleaders did for TGS, except for the fact that there won't be any fancy dinners.  HOWEVER!  Thanks to the wonderful man in charge of, we can now offer a tee shirt!

What you would do is go along the line and talk with people, handing out activities, doing anything Brandon asked you to.

Unfortunately the bookstore asked us to keep the group small, so aside from a few staff members we only have three spots available.  We will be choosing those three, and let you know who you are by the 28th of this month.

If you are intrested, please feel out the questions below and e-mail them to [email protected]



E-mail address:

Have you ever helped Brandon out before (at event "gofer", stormleader, etc)?  If so, when and how?

Are you part of any other online communities?  If so, what is your username?  (TWG, and WoT communities included, please)

Why would you like to be a shardbearer?

Any other information you feel we should know

If you are planning on attending one of the other events, and are interested in giving a report or taking pictures for that event to be posted on the 17th shard forum and blog, please feel out the information above, adding in which event you are interested in reporting on.  Obviously this won't be as active of an assignment as that of the midnight release, but we would still love to have people help out.  Mainly we are interested in a report of what questions are asked during the Q&A sessions (as well as the responses given), and any other cool things you feel like sharing.  And as a thank you we will try to get you a set of the mistborn decals.

Also, if you are a bookstore and are intrested in us doing something similar for your store, please feel free to contact us through the [email protected], with the subject line of "Shardbearers".

One final note; if you have an idea for an activity that you think might be fun, feel free to e-mail us with the suggestion.  We can't guarantee that it will happen, but we will defiantly take it under consideration.


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