New Badali Jewelry, now with the Truthwatcher Glyph + Sale Code

Badali Jewelry makes fantastic licensed jewelry for a bunch of different fantasy series, and they make excellent Brandon Sanderson related jewelry. This week, not only are they holding a spring sale, but they also have new cosmere items in their store! They are finally selling Truthwatcher and Stoneward glyphs, which were missing before for whatever reason. And, there's a spring sale code for you, valid through this Sunday.

So let's get on into what new items they have.

Truthwatcher (Palah) Glyph Necklace/Keychain, Enameled Bronze, $39

Truthwatcher glyph

Stoneward (Tanat) Glyph Necklace/Keychain, Enameled Bronze, $39

Stoneward (Tanat) Glyph

Unfortunately, these two glyphs are only in the bronze variety. The other glyphs are available in sterling silver, but not these. I've bought both for my lovely fiance, and the bronze ones are larger and cheaper, but the sterling silver ones are much more striking, at least in my opinion. The bronze just makes, say, the blue enamel be not that sharp. However, for the Stoneward glyph, I think that one looks great in bronze. Regardless, I'm glad they finally get these last two glyphs in. There were a lot of people who got Truthwatcher on the Knights Radiant quiz, and they were missing out on these.

But wait, there is more!

Stormlight Symbol Pendant, Enameled Silver, $109

Stormlight Symbol Enameled Silver

This is the slick, space-age Roshar symbol in pendant form. I must say, this enameled silver version is great looking. There is also:

Stormlight Symbol Pendant, Silver with Antiquated Finish, $99

Stormlight Symbol Antiquated Silver

And a cheaper option:

Stormlight Symbol Pendant, Bronze, $39

Stormlight Symbol Bronze

I must say this bronze one looks quite nice and elegant!

Lastly, for you... Cobalt Guard fans (those exist, I think?) you can also get:

Cobalt Guard Necklace/Keychain, Enameled Bronze, $39

Cobalt Guard Bronze Enameled

Cobalt Guard Necklace/Keychain, Bronze with Antiquated Finish, $39

Cobalt Guard Bronze

One last thing: if you're purchasing these items or others, you can put the code "SPRING" in checkout for 15% off, which is valid for 3/15/21 until 3/21/21.

What do you think of these? Are you getting any of them? And, importantly, are you a Cobalt Guard fan? I'm not quite sure fans of the Cobalt Guard exist (who could forget Niter, the head of the Guard before Kaladin, who died in book one?), but I'm curious to hear from some! 

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Good golly, I'd love to buy one of those Stormlight or Cobalt Guard pieces, but will I ever be able to justify the cost?

And I know I like the Cobalt Guard.  I always latch onto the ones who get mentioned three times and have few on-page appearances.  Dunny, for example.


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I love Badli's jewelry. I've ordered the Nalthis charm, but it hasn't arrived yet. 


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