Hero of Ages Leatherbound Preorders Start Monday, Cyber Monday Sale

It's the fall, and as usual a new 10th Anniversary Leatherbound is nearly upon us, this time, with the Hero of Ages. We say nearly upon us, because it turns out there is a paper shortage, so Dragonsteel doesn't have the books yet. They can't guarantee anything before Christmas. But, regardless, preorders for numbered copies are starting Monday 11/26, 12:01am (Mountain time) via Subterranean Press, Mysterious Galaxy, and the BYU Bookstore. Brandon's store will have orders open the following Sunday, 12/1 at 12:01 [Brandon's blog says 12/1, Sunday, whereas 12/1 is actually Saturday. I don't know which it actually is]. Numbers will be shared between the four places, rotating by 4s.

Realistically, last year's Well of Ascension leatherbound still has its first printing on Brandon's store right now, so there will likely be plenty of copies. Preordering early will only result in lower numbers, if you care about that sort of that thing. 

The Hero of Ages leatherbound has a bunch of artwork in it, as well as a brand-new piece of art by the amazing Miranda Meeks, which we have pictured here. (So good!) It doesn't say on Brandon's blog post, but the Hero of Ages leatherbound does have the Hemalurgic Table of Metals in it, which is why I'm so excited about it. As usual, these are $100, and are very pretty, but are also expensive. Worry not; we'll discuss the Hemalurgic Table extensively once these get into your hands.

Cyber Monday Bonus Swag on Brandon's Store

Brandon's store also has a sale for this Monday, 11/26 for Cyber Monday. We've talked about their holiday sale before, but there's some cool bonuses now! If you spend $30, you get a DDF patch from Skyward (normally $10). If you spend $60, you get that patch, and also a Cobalt Guard patch (also normally $10). Lastly, if you spend $100, you get those bonuses and also a Bridge Four pin you can't buy otherwise.

Be aware the bonuses are only for this Monday!

Also, the Warbreaker audiobook is on sale on Audible from $24.49 to a sale price of $6.95, which is quite a discount! 

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