Evershore Releases Tonight, December 28th + Spoiler Policy

Evershore, the third Skyward Flight Novella, comes out tonight, December 28th! Merry Christmas to us! The novella will be out on ebook and audio on all major bookstore platforms such as Amazon and Google Play and more. If you want a physical edition, all three Skyward Flight novellas will be in print on April 5th, 2022.

Our Evershore spoiler board, which is where you can discuss the new novella, will open December 28th at midnight GMT (which is December 27th at 4pm PST and 7pm EST). Please avoid the spoiler board until you have finished the novella! 

If you would like to talk about both Evershore and Cytonic together, you can do so in either the Evershore spoiler board or the Cytonic spoiler board, but you have to spoiler tag the other work. For example, for the Evershore spoiler board:

  • You can simply put [Cytonic Spoilers] in your topic title, so people know that this topic is both an Evershore and Cytonic thread. 
  • If you'd like to mention something from Cytonic in a topic  that does not have a [Cytonic Spoilers] flag in its title, you can hide your Cytonic spoilers in a spoiler tag (click the Eye symbol to do this), and make sure prior to your spoiler you label that your spoiler is about Cytonic.

If you'd like to discuss Evershore in the Cytonic spoiler board, you can do that just the same, you'd simply need to tag the Evershore spoilers with [Evershore Spoilers] in the title, or your posts spoiler tagged.

Evershore's spoiler period will last one month, through the end of January. ReDawn and Sunreach are out of the novella spoiler period, so they are inherently allowed here.

On Discord, we will have an #evershore-spoilers channel in addition to our #cytonic-spoilers channel, and for discussion of both, you must spoiler tag the spoilers from the other work. So in #cytonic-spoilers you would spoiler tag Evershore stuff, and in #evershore-spoilers you would spoiler tag Cytonic stuff.

Enjoy the novella! Our Shardcast on Evershore will be out later than our other novella casts have been, since the holidays are crazy. I expect it to be out mid-January, likely January 15th, and it will be a beefy episode talking about the novellas as a whole. On January 1st, you'll get another Mistborn Era 2 podcast instead.


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