Cytonic Is Nearly Upon Us + Our Spoiler Policy Information

Hi everyone! Cytonic, the third Skyward novel, comes out Tuesday, November 23rd, which is just hours away! You can buy the book on Amazon, Google Play, and more! We are changing when our spoiler channels on our Discord server and spoiler forums open up for the release. Previously, we set our spoiler period to begin at midnight Eastern time. Now we will set things to open at midnight GMT, which will be 4pm PDT and 7pm EDT for you Americans. This allows us to have some earlier timezones, who may get the book earlier than the U.S. to discuss it sooner, and we'll have a higher number of staff awake to help with the transition.

Our Cytonic Spoiler Board is now visible, but will open for spoilery discussion at midnight GMT, so don't go into the spoiler board until you've finished the book! Cytonic discussion will be only allowed there until the spoiler period ends, which will be about three months now in February. Please make sure you do not have spoilers in topic titles, as you can see topic titles in a variety of places in the site. Also, as usual, we have a Full Book Reactions topic for you once you've finished. 

In addition, we will be retiring the Sunreach and ReDawn spoiler board, so you may discuss both of these novellas in the Cytonic spoiler board untagged if you wish. 

On the Coppermind, Cytonic content will be allowed starting also at midnight GMT, but you can use the Time Machine to look at what the wiki looked like prior to Cytonic

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