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Szeth's assassination attempt.  Imagine this upside down for extra effect.



“It’s true,” Adolin said, sounding haunted. He bent back, raising his Shardblade to attack at the awkward angle. The assassin, however, ran down the wall in a rustle of white cloth, battering aside Adolin’s Shardblade with his own, then slammed his hand into Adolin’s chest.

Adolin flipped upward as if he’d been tossed. His body streamed Stormlight and he crashed into the ceiling above. He groaned, rolling over, but remained on the ceiling.

Chapter 32, "The One Who Hates", Words of Radiance


Shardblades can't be Lashed because they are invested objects.  And they dissolve into mist when you let go of them, unless you concentrate to make them stay in the physical world.  Adolin was thrown to the ceiling and was probably concussed, and his Blade disappeared. 

But let's just suspend disbelief in the name of artistic license. ;)

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