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Chiri-Chiri Has This in the Bag


I am once again asking for head scritches. (yes, that's a hordeling too...)

EDIT: I forgot that TinkerCAD will hide everything unless you're logged in, so these are the links to my cosmere designs.
(Mistborn is still my first love btw, maybe I'll post my painted House War minis ;))

From the album:

Tinkercad 3D models

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Snow cancelled school for a week, so I finally watched Crip Camp (good!) and started working on Rysn again... or at least the chair (link to WIP). I couldn't decide on fantasy or conventional, so I made a typical one for now, and the attached picture shows a flying chair that got soulcast into rubies (with a big mess in the background).
Chair WIP

I might make a fabrial-powered one... Wheelchair costumes and fantasy (link to art) designs would be cool
EDIT: I watched Howl's Moving Castle, and I realized Madame Suliman's chair is exactly the picture in my head, if slightly smaller

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after finishing the head, I think braided eyebrows make a lot more sense, but it's too late (shrug). I want them IRL... but like are they evolved to be whiskers? Antenna?
Either way, hair is close enough (longways might be better), and Thaylen jewelry is really fun... and I'll do my best on the clothes, though I've never done a study of that :D


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