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Credit Me, and whoever in Dragonsteel made the symbol

(Black, Gray, White, Purple)


Same thing, but with the ace colors, because it was the middle of the night and I felt like it. This one didn’t turn out as well, I didn’t have a gray pencil so I went with silver, which is annoyingly shiny in the picture. :P I also think a couple lines were worse in this one than they were the first time around. Ah well, it’s still better than 95% of what I draw. 

If anyone wants me to do one in a specific color or set of colors, I will! Just tell me :) 


Me, and whoever in Dragonsteel made the symbol

From the album:

Colored Cosmere Symbols

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(I don’t know how to make pictures smaller, sorry). Shiny Roserade could be a contender?

The Gothita line doesn’t really change much from regular to shiny, and the regular one looks more ace than the shiny version, so I’m putting that one in here. 

Maybe shiny Hitmontop?

I just like Vaporeon, and its shiny form is purple, so I’m including it. 

Shiny Pumpkaboo? 

This is proof that I have way too much time on my hands. I probably missed a few, because the website I was using didn’t display the Gen Eight shinies. 

Edit: Well, the pictures didn’t show up, which is fun. 

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