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Butt Venture

Hey, look, I finally did it! Here he is, everyone, Butt Venture himself! I think his hair is a little too curly, but I drew this while camping and was too lazy to do anything about it. 

@Butt Ad Venture I think you'll appreciate this. 

Anyway, I'm curious as to how other people picture him.

From the album:

The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

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Just now, Jaywalk said:

I pictured Butt as a bit older. This interpretation makes him seem more like a teenager.

Great drawing though!

Well, he certainly acts like a teen on TLT. :D He's adorable.

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Butt definitely acts like a teen so the age shown is perfect. I never pictured him with curly hair but now that I've seen him with them it's become my new headcanon.

Great job Star! I love it. :D

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Just now, Doomstick said:

Are you saying that he wouldn’t be chubby now?

No. I'm saying that the character development that he's been through may cause someone to picture him differently. What Butt Venture was is not what he is now. 

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Just now, Doomstick said:

well now there are two Butts...

No, actually, there's not. The Butt Venture that belongs in Universe S has been kidnapped (with Pheonix and Narrator Xino) and now they're in Universe Prime. 

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Just now, Shard of Thought said:

I'll do that, don't worry. Though, at this point, I'm skeptical as to what will happen when the current plot is over.

I have a plan

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