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The Common Skyeel - initial sketches


That is the very first design I sketched for the Common Skyeel, upper left corner! It has changed so much... The Common Skyeel’s place in the Rosharan ecosystem – as I imagine it – is akin to a seagull. It’s designed with long wings to coast long and steady in the air, and a streamline body. The fin designs need to walk a fine line between being cooler than the Lesser Skyeel, while staying clear of the Greater Skyeel’s thunder.

From the album:

Natural History of Roshar

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These are very very beautiful! Amazing job! 

I checked out your portfolio. Those are insane! Consider me awestruck. Your art is incredible, you have a ton of talent for it. If you aren't overloaded with work already, I'd love to see some Roshar landscapes. 

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@BookishOcelot Thank you very much :) I am actually looking into doing more environments of Roshar, especially after this one, I feel like it would really be nice to have some landscape too to put them in. For me, somehow, landscapes are a bit harder to imagine than creatures. We shall see :D

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