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© Permission of Inkthinker

Inkthinker Terris Sketch


The following is Inkthinker's words, as this is his image.

Couple roughs for a Terris steward, based on Sazed in particular.

I try, as always to use the passages from the book as the basis. In my paperback edition (2nd MM, I believe) that I'm currently marking up with visual reference notes, Vin meets Sazed on pgs 154/155.

"Sazed had a long, flat face and a willowy body. He was even taller than Kelsier -tall enough to be a bit abnormal- and his arms were unusually long".

"His earlobes had been stretched out, and the ears themselves contained studs that ran around their perimeter. He wore the lavish, colorful robes of a Terris steward -the garments were made of embroidered, overlapping V shapes, alternating among the three colors of his master's house".

I'm punking out on the embroidery for the moment 'case this is a rough. Someone in the main forum reminded me that Sazed, at least, shaves his head. I'm fairly certain I remember references to sandals. I put a lot of metal on him, in the form of various bracelets, bands, torcs and rings. I think I might have made up the spectacles and the hood on the robes. Inkthinker



© Permission of Inkthinker

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