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It’s been four years and I drew the crew again! This took me a whole week to finish, but worth it!

From left to right (post-WoR settings): Navani (with fabrials), Jasnah (with Ivory), Dalinar (with the Stormfather), Szeth (with Nightblood), Shallan (with Pattern), Kaladin (with Syl), Renarin, Lift (with Wyndle), Adolin and Elhokar. (There are also several arms belonging to some random characters in Dalinar’s army.)

Group high five: Let’s save Roshar! (They are standing in a sunlight-lit room in Urithiru.)

Full-sized piece on DeviantART: http://fav.me/dboywc5

Close view:




Bonus: You can see my progress (I hope!) during these years: (Seems like they were done by two different people…)



From the album:

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Botanica, this is fabulous!

And yes, your "progress" in your craft is obvious, but your style - the thing that makes it your work - is still very consistent and strong.

I love the resemblance between Jasnah and Navani, as mother/daughter.

One thing surprises me: Shallan seems to be looking at Ivory? I'd have thought she couldn't take her eyes off Adolin! LOL :D

Thanks so much for sharing your art with us all!

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