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© © Melia Parsloe

Vin and Kelsier


Had fun drawing the mists being all swirly. Kelsier was a different story, he's a bit difficult to portray!

I never know which website to link, I guess my tumblr PaperPie works? It's mostly nonsense though.


© © Melia Parsloe

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You have a very interesting and fun style, and I love the mist. There are only two things I would work on the first being Kelsier, his pose is a little stiff, his left arm and leg in particular seem a bit awkward. The second is the street lamp, this is just a nit pick, but it doesn't seem to be casting very much light, I think the reason for that is the moon(or is that the light from the lamp?) right behind it. Overall you have a very nice composition going, and the buildings in the background really give a sense of depth.

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Is Kell really that skinny? I had always imagined him with a runner-style body, lean but well muscled. Or maybe that's just his strength of personality interfering with my mental image...

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