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Need help to impose limitations on overlapping categories in my magic system.


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Ugh, this is gonna be a kind of long post so thanks in advance if you bear with me.

I have just started developing this magic system and have put some time into it so I hope you guys will like it.

Btw, EC = extended consciousness

The Ink :

Ink is a black liquid/slimy substance which can be extracted from the bodies of Pages, a race which come in various shapes and sizes based on their environment and evolution. Ink is not made available to the public and only some specific organizations, hospitals, hunters and some other independent organizations have their hands on a large amount of this substance. And of course, there's the black market which obtain this through many means.

The quality of Ink varies from one page to another while some age over time, some get destroyed over time. Even their compositions are different.

There have been efforts to mine Ink from the fossil fuels take from dead bodies of pages as well. Sometimes, it affects the entire environment it is present in. For example, while being mixed in with the soil, it can react with a tree's 'Essence' or a plant's 'essence' and shape that tree and the environment into Ink-based nightmares. Only evolution can determine what it will turn into.

But Ink can only be used by Humans who are the 'Plagued'. The Plagued are a small fraction of people who aren't that rare, and have an average ratio of being 4/10 people. A unspecified time period ago, a disease or 'parasite' had gone in rampage and had taken over the entire population of the nation in a plague. This plague left some evolving immune to the parasite while others evolving with it.

Over time, the parasite which evolved within them became an 'extended consciousness' of the person which can also emotionally influence a person while having a physical form which is attached to the backbone. The people who evolved with it are the Plagued.

The Plagued when awakened through a traumatic experience or being exposed to a large amount of Ink, have to make a pact with their 'parasite' in order to make it not control them and lend them power. This is because up until that time, it had been living in the body without any restrictions so you have to ask it's 'Name' and make it submit. While this happens, the user's body is in a state of trance while they interact with the EC.

Their parasite builds up and releases particles called the 'Essence' which helps in bending the Ink and using it to your will. When an individual/living organism is exposed to large enough amounts of Essence without any protection or even with protection of Essence, it starts to succumb and decompose into biological dirt.

An individual's Essence can either be aggressive, malicious, defense etc. depending on the person and how their thoughts are being influenced by the EC. People who use Ink with their Essence are called 'Inkcasters'.

An Inkcaster can only have one primary 'ability' as their Essence cannot be freely manipulated into various abilities since it has only limited memory.

There are 4 categories of Essence within Inkcasters which the different variants of Parasites forces upon them :

Augmenting : The Essence is closed to their body and when Ink is exposed, with the right training and talent, they can enhance their physical capabilities and their body. Due to the Essence being close to the body, it imposes extreme fatigue or muscle pain if used too much. Sometimes, this can even result in breaking of body parts.

Shaping : Their Essence are surrounding them in an amoeba kind of shape which is not absolute or fixed. They can shape their Aura into things or shapes and use them in battle. For example, an individual can turn his Ink into threads and create various techniques out of it. Due to them being around the body, it severely affects the brain and can cause headaches and migraine if used too much without any protection. It even affects the senses sometimes.

Enhancing : They have a sticky Essence which can be used on other objects and stick their Ink on it in order to use it in combat. This can be done in many ways. But in order to expel the essence, the EC takes control of the sweat glands. So while they fight, they have to worry about their body temperature increasing and them getting hot.

Manipulation : They have a constantly moving/bending Essence which can be used to manipulate and alter the properties of Ink. This ability can also be used on Ink imposed/Ink-made objects if it doesn't have anyone else's Essence on it. If used too much or a high amount, it can lead to them giving in to their parasite and their thoughts being manipulated more and more until they can't think of anything to do during battle.

There are also 7 different substances which can be mixed with the Ink using the Essence to activate in order to get varying effects. Right now I haven't decided on these 7 substances so I'll put that aside. (Even though slight help would be cool)

There are tattoos too, where the Ink can be used to make tattoos in order to increase the Essence output and efficiency but is dangerous.

An Inkcaster can create and form their ability from their respective categories with great training and patience while also putting up with the parasites. (Sometimes the EC can be annoying because they are literally you talking to you)

But what I wanted to say from this post is that, I have been thinking of variants of parasites which fall into a category between any 2 categories. Which is having a primary category but their essence also has a sub category of the other. And since there are 4 categories (visualise a square), It will be an equal chance for any category to have a sub-category from any other category (inspiration from HxH but it's a square lol). I have thought of this, but I can't seem to create limitations like I did for the 4 categories for the Primary/Sub-categories.

I think it's a cool idea since having variants of parasites which will be able to draw from both categories opens up a variety of possibilities of both abilities and strengths. But I cannot find a way to impose limitations on these.

Do you guys have any idea as to how to impose these limitations? Also, which category of Inkcaster would you guys like to be?

What do you think of this system as a whole?

Once again, thanks! It would be a really great help if you comment down what you think!

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1 hour ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

Ink magic? Sounds pog.

So... tl;dr demon blood arts? But ink and not demon blood? Something like that?

Also HAH I knew it was inspired from Hunter x Hunter the moment you mentioned 'sticky' because BUNGIE GUM HAS THE PROPERTIES OF BOTH RUBBER AND GUM


Sorry for the late reply! Uh not demon blood arts or something of that sort because I didn't have anything like that in mind. I have changed the system quite a lot since I posted here and completely stripped off and added some new ideas into the mix. After I think it's finished I'll try to post it here :3

And this is cool and all, but did you know that bungee gum possesses the properties of both rubber and gum?

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