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Rhythm of War Spoiler Period Ends August 17th


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Hey all! On August 17th, it'll be nine months since Rhythm of War released, which means that its spoiler period will end. That will mean several things.


Topics will be moved out of the Rhythm of War spoiler category and those spoiler boards will be removed. Depending on what was discussed in the topic, they will be moved into either Stormlight Discussion or Cosmere Discussion. It looks like there are 1825 total topics, so this might take a few days to move the topics to their correct new home. (Especially because the 17th is right in the middle of the work week.) You'll be able to fully talk about Rhythm of War in Cosmere or Stormlight. You will still need to spoilerify RoW stuff if you want to make a quick comment about it in Mistborn, for example, just the same as you would if you wanted to make an Oathbringer comment in the Mistborn board.


The spoiler channels will be retired. #row-spoilers will be archived, and #row-magic-mechanics will transform into #cosmere-mechanics. In #fanworks and #cosmemes you will no longer need to spoiler tag Rhythm of War stuff.


The spoiler flag on the top of articles that have Rhythm of War content will be removed, as well as the purple flag at the top warning people RoW content can be on the wiki. I think we will be keeping the first-time user pop-up, but change its language to be less Rhythm of War specific.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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Yep! A moderator had cleared it out but I didn't have a chance to deal with it yet. It's done now!

We have moved everything either to Cosmere or Stormlight. Some things might be miscategorized since there were over a thousand of them, so if you catch anything, please report it. Thanks!

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Since names can be viewed in any board and the forum home page, etc., I would still prefer you not do that. It would not be fair to people starting Mistborn to have random other stuff spoiled. Especially big reveals like that.

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RoW spoilers:


I think Thaidakar by itself is fine, and Lord of Scars is fine. Together though, less so, as that has a pretty clear implication. I wouldn't like usernames that did, say "Sazed, The Hero of Ages" or implying Taravangian is the new Odium."


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