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I signed up to this site in 2011, but mostly just lurked off and on over the years.  I'm an avid shardcast follower for the past 6 months, and have been an avid Sanderson fan since 2008 or '09.  I've read everything (written word) he's published barring the last 3 Alcatraz books.  I never got back to the middle grade stuff, after initially reading Sanderson had published at some earlier point.  Also I haven't read the graphic novels (though I read the prose White Sand).  I also haven't listened to Dark One, as I only really do ebooks, at least thus far.


Greetings to all, and I've enjoyed reading various theories and memes and misc of lots of what this site has to offer.

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9 hours ago, AquaRegia said:

Welcome (back)!

Do you have a favorite (book or series)?

Favorite book is kind of hard.  I think I might say Oathbringer (which I know is utterly not in the running for the average person's favorite Stormlight, much less favorite book).  I totally love Mistborn Era 1, we'll say that as a series, since it's done.  I imagine Stormlight (first 5) will probably really be my favorite when book 5 is done.  My listing of Stormlight is probably: 1) Oathbringer 2) WoR 3) RoW 4) tWoK.  That's largely a rating based on how much I loved them the first time I read them.  tWoK had so much worldbuilding and less focused plot, that the first time I read it I (only) liked it a lot, instead of loving it.


I still like Mistborn Era 2, but not nearly to the degree I liked Era 1.  Warbreaker is great fun for a standalone.  I didn't like Elantris as much as anything else Cosmere, even if I still enjoy it when I do rereads.

What was your favorite book or series?

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I really can't pick a single favorite book.  I love Wax and Wayne so much - Mistborn E2 has got to be my pick for series.  I find the combination of heart and humor to be just perfect, and they benefit greatly from the reduced need for worldbuilding.  Before E2, though, I'd have said Mistborn Era 1 was the best fantasy series ever.  And I agree that it's hard to judge a series that isn't finished yet; Stormlight is truly amazing.  I'd say WoR is my fave of the SA so far.

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I saw you responding to another person on this welcome thread about Era 2.  I think that person liked AoL best, and you commented on your love of Era 2.  I can totally see that when you comment on the heart/humor.  I do like Era 2 a lot, I just love the "epic feel" of Era 1 so much.  Also I think I got feeling a bit disjointed on the series because of the long delays in the final book.  I imagine once Lost Metal is out, and I reread the entire series again I'll enjoy it even more.  I'm super looking forward to Era 3, I'm interested in seeing how the society with more (normal) tech and magic-tech will work with together.  I also love that BS has said something about the newspaper/broadsheets (where in Era 2 we get things like Allomancer Jak) will be stories about Wax and Wayne.


WoR is definitely my second favorite SA.  The ending is Oathbringer is just so utterly epic to me, and all the threads seem to come together so well.  I realize a lot of people think Oathbringer was draggy/boring at parts, but somehow I never really felt that way.  I was pretty invested in all parts of the book.

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