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What happens with Deadeyes


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1In Oathbringer we learned that Shardblades have a cognitive form similar to a ghost. A nearly mindless faded version of the original spren with scratched out eyes.

I was reading this thread

It got me thinking, what happens to a spren when a shard bearer summons and dismisses their blade?

When summoned, it seems that the spren are pulled from wherever they happen to be in the cognitive realm to the location of the shardbearer. But when they are dismissed they transfer to the cognitive realm in the place corresponding to the physical location.

From the maps below we see that shadesmar is a mirror of Roshar except land and sea are reversed.




So every time a shardblade is dismissed the spren is dropped into the sea in Shadesmar. No wonder there are so many spren in the sea. And it's no surprise that the Honorspren are so mad at humans since the use of shardblades is an ongoing desecration. The placement of their cities along coasts and on narrow peninsulas makes sense too. It gives them a chance to recover deadeyes.

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I thought the same thing you did - the deadeye spren would end up in Shadesmar in the place corresponding to their location on the Physical realm when dismissed.

However, it has been pointed out - correctly, I think - that this is likely not the case.  First Captain Ico, then the Honorspren in Lasting Integrity, describe how the deadeyes are kept confined to prevent them from wandering off, in search of the human who is bonded to their corpse.  There would be no point to such a confinement (in fact, it would be impossible) unless the spren reappear in the same place they left from when summoned.

However, if I recall correctly, the number of known Shardblades is in the hundreds, while the number of Radiants (and thus Radiant spren) at the time of the Recreance was in the thousands.  I suppose it's possible that there many hundreds (thousands?) of deadeye spren whose Blade form has been lost in the Physical Realm in the 4,500 years since, no longer bonded to any human, so they never get summoned anywhere. 

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I don't think there is any evidence of Testament being in Lasting Integrity until Adolin's trial.  Her (unnamed) Inkspren friend found her - on an island far to the east (in other words, near the Shattered Plains, where Shallan had been) - and said she seemed to want to travel west (in other words, towards Urithiru, where Shallan then was).  He is taking care of her, in the (unnamed) settlement on the shore where the expedition made port, when Adolin and Maya first see her.

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