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Rate WOT books!


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Don't know if I could rate everyone because the series is so long that you have forgotten much by the time you finish, but I can give a few favorites and a few least favorites (and maybe resurrect this thread to get a few more opinions).

Favorite book: The Gathering Storm. A few reason's for this one. Rand's character development in this book is one of the best I've ever read. The way the DO breaks him down until he is forced to turn to complete emotionlessness, leading him to almost kill his father and end existence forever. I think I almost cried when he realized that there was a point to the endless turnings of the wheel, and the pain that inevitably comes with life. Also I prefer Brandon's writing style to RJ's.

A close second: The Shadow Rising. Mainly because of the Two Rivers plot with Perrin, and then the Rhuidian stuff was cool.

Least Favorite: Path of Daggers. Nothing happened. Yeah, they fixed the weather, blew up some stuff, fought a not that exciting battle at the end, but other than that there was nothing. Also there is none of the one and only Matrim Cauthon.

Indifferent: The Eye of the World. I am currently rereading this one, so perhaps my opinion will change, but WoT has a steep learning curve, so on my initial read I spent a lot of the book confused and disengaged because of that confusion. I am also not a fan of the travelogue trope. This book had a bit too much walking around for my taste.

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This was tough.  I recently read them the last year and should have ranked them as I read them.  Instead, I've spent an hour and a half going through them and trying to remember all that happened.  Here is my ranking with key plot points (tried to limit my commentary):

  1. Towers of Midnight (13): Perrin vs Whitecloaks and Slayer, World of Dreams battle, Egwene and Gawyn awkward dance, Mat finally kills Gholam, Mat, Thom, Noal finally go to rescue Moiraine in Tower of Ghenjei
  2. The Shadow Rising (4): Together in Tear, Eelfinn and Aelfinn, Aiel Waste, Shaido intro, Two Rivers, Tanchico, White Tower split
  3. A Memory of Light (14): The Last Battle, enough said.
  4. The Great Hunt (2): Hunt for the Horn, intro of Amyrlin and Tar Valon, Black Ajah and Seanchan, Padan Fain grows, Salene, Cairhien and the Game, Horn is blown, White Cloaks, Ingtar!
  5. Knife of Dreams (11):  Elayne gets throne (finally) after being captured by Black Ajah - Birgitte is real star, Rand escapes Semirhage trap and loses hand, Perrin defeats Shaido, Mat finally flees Seanchan territory and meets back with Band, Rand prepares for Tarmon Gai'don and makes truce with Lews Therin, Aram finally dies
  6. The Gathering Storm (12): Rand in Arad Doman, meets with Tuon in Falme and balefires Graendal's hiding place; Egwene undermines Elaida; Seanchan attacks White Tower; Verin reveal; Rand transformation on Dragonmount
  7. The Eye of the World (1):  Introductions, it begins.
  8. Lord of Chaos (6):  Rand lounging around in Caemlyn/Cairhien, Bashere, Rand in the box; Dumais Wells; Mat --> Salidar --> Ebou Dar; Perrin/Faile/Berelaine triangle; Egwene is Amyrlin
  9. Fires of Heaven (5):  Chasing Shaido and battle; Moiraine death; Nynaeve and Elayne travel chapters; Moghedien capture; no Perrin 
  10. The Dragon Reborn (3):  Rand to Tear, followed by Moiraine and crew; Faile failed introduction; Nynaeve and crew sent to hunt Black Ajah; anticlimactic Belal and Baalzamon scenes, Aiel intro.
  11. A Crown of Swords (7):  Ebou Dar - Kin - Gholam - Bowl of Winds; Lan finds Nynaeve and Nynaeve breaks her wall; Rand in Cairhien, finally moves against Sammael
  12. Winters Heart (9) - Fingers are hurting now
  13. Path of Daggers (8) - Fingers are hurting now
  14. Crossroads of Twilight (10) - Fingers are hurting now


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I actually just finished a full reread of the series so I have fresh answers here:

1.) Knife Of Dreams
2.) Lord Of Chaos
3.) The Gathering Storm
4.) Towers of Midnight
5.) The Shadow Rising
6.) A Memory Of Light
7.) Winter's Heart
7.5) New Spring
8.) The Great Hunt
9.) The Fires of Heaven
10.) The Eye Of The World
11.) The Path of Daggers
12.) A Crown of Swords
13.) The Dragon Reborn
14.) Crossroads Of Twilight

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