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Venli and Ba-Ado-Mishram Speculation


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Some stuff is going on with these two.

Venli wants to free everyone

Mishram is in spren-prison

Venli wanted new forms of power

Mishram had brought many of them

Theres a lot of threads here just waiting to be pulled.

I suspect Venli and Shallan may team up/conflict in the near future since they seem to both be implicated with this spren.

There's also another possible explanation for the femalen voice accepting Venli's oath: it may be that is not the normal oath and the stormfather rejected it but Cultivation accepted it because it serves her interests

Intrepreted this way it suggests Mishram's imprisonment and the events surrounding is actually a dispute between Honor and Cultivation.

Either way, Brandon is heavily invested in Venli's redemption arc with RoW. I expect there's a key plot point she plays in the next book.

Final edit:

it ocurred to me that the stormfather accepts oaths, could the femalen voice be Mishram, a powerful spren?

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