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Elightened = willingly unmade, Corrupted = unwillingly unmade?


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This is how the Sibling describes the process of unmaking in RoW C42: 


The Lady of Pains has the Surge of Transformation and dangerous knowledge. She will infuse my entire heart-the pillar-in the proper order, using her Voidlight. In so doing, she would corrupt me and leave me… leave me as one of the Unmade… 

I think Sja-anat might also use the Surge of Transformation and Voidlight to Enlighted spren. In fact, it might be the same process and you could also say she is unmaking them.  The big difference, would be having a willing subject.

Per this WoB:


The reason Sja-anat likes Truthwatcher spren the most is because they are the most willing. And she considers what she's doing offering Enlightenment, not corrupting. And she considers their willingness to be a part of this. 

Maybe since the Sibling was very unwilling, they would have become a corrupted Unmade. But since Glys and Tumi were "Fully willing to become what they are", they are Enlightened Unmade. This is then why Sja-anat hates the term "corrupted" as she specifically only unmakes willing subjects (non-sapient spren being the gray area from the above WoB).

Sja-anat notes in RoW I2 that if Odium figures out what she is doing behind his back, he will unmake her again, stealing her memory and ripping her to pieces. Since she would be unwilling in this case, she is describing what happens to a corrupted Unmade. Based off this, my theory is that the mindless Unmade, like the Thrill, were unwilling to become Unmade and thus became corrupted. While intelligent Unmade, like Sja-anat & Ba-Ado-Mishram, were willing (at that time) and thus became Enlightened.

I don't know if we have solid confirmation that Sja-anat uses Voidlight when Englightening spren, but when Tumi hears the Rhythm of War, he starts pulsing to it, and wants to share it with his siblings (RoW C114), I take this as solid evidence that he was a spren that used only Stormlight, then was harmoniously infused with Voidlight during Enlightening, and now can use Warlight.


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