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Lightweavers and Warlight style research


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It is occurring to me that there are some qualities of Lightweavers that would make them ideal for performing R&D along the lines of what happened in Rhythm of War.  

I'm having trouble finding WoB that is explicit on this, but I seem to remember him saying that Lightweaving, fundamentally allows for the manipulation of WAVES, be they electromagnetic or sound, and the crux of the Rhythm of War research was about using sound waves, specific tones, and patterns or rhythms in those tones to manipulate and create investiture or anti-investiture "light." 

Add to this the nature of their spren the Cryptics, which as part of their being and identity are manifestations of complex mathematical patterns, and they are particularly fascinated by this type of thing.  Properly working together, a lightweaver and his or her cryptic spren should be a powerful research team in exploring how sound can manipulate investiture light and or anti-light.  

Truthwatchers get some form of lightweaving too, and we don't know much about their spren, and having our prime example be a spren "corrupted" makes evaluating them for this purpose even more difficult, but it's entirely possible that they would excel just as well or even better at this kind of thing.  

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